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The Most Profitable Items To Sell On eBay

There are so many items available on eBay. The platform is searched for over 16 million times every month. There is a great combination of second hand items and brand new products. Have you ever thought about what the best things to sell are in order to earn the most cash? Maybe you want to set up a business selling items on the marketplace but haven't yet figured out what you'd like to stock your store with? Let's take a look at some of the most profitable items to sell on eBay.

Vehicle Parts

People spend a lot of time in their vehicles and with money tight, have started doing bits and pieces of car maintenance themselves rather than use a garage. Easy things such as changing car batteries, swapping tyres, fixing broken headlights. eBay is the perfect place to pick up vehicle parts and this could be an area that you set up a niche shop within. There has been an increase in the amount of people investing in camper vans so selling items that could be used in motor-homes and caravans might also be a great addition. The average sale price is over £150 so you could make some decent money with every sale. 

Sports Equipment

This is a great one for all year round but you should definitely stock up ahead of the new year. So many people make resolutions to get fit and you could offer sports equipment at affordable prices whilst still making a decent profit. There has also been a rise is people buying gym equipment for their home, after the closure of gyms during lock down. With an average sale price of £63, you can offer yoga, football, weightlifting and much more on your sports goods eBay shop.

Home Electronics

A great addition to our list of the most profitable items to sell on eBay is home electronics. This includes the likes of television and home speakers. Sound and vision equipment which people crave. Upgrading their TV to something bigger, investing in wearable tech, buying a smart speaker like every other household in the land. Think about headphones as well, these sell really well on the platform. You're looking at an average sale price of over £45. 

Computers & Wires

With more people working from home than ever before, computers, network cables, and random wires you suddenly realise you need are a great thing to sell on eBay. Laptops, desktop computers, monitors, monitor arms, Ethernet cables, the list is endless. You could make a decent profit with an average sale of of over £60.

Photography Equipment

The world of photography is one where people keep adding items to their kit. From branded photography bags and lightweight tripods to lenses, bodies and filters, there are lots of ways to enter the photography equipment market. You'll find lots of top brands like Sony and Canon on eBay. It's the perfect platform for photography gifts too, like camera straps and other accessories. The price that photographers pay for gear that they need can be a lot, so this can make photography equipment one of the most profitable items to sell on eBay.


Shoes & Clothes

People often look on eBay for affordable or bargain prices on fashion. If you're able to shop the sales, pick up some key items and list them on eBay at the price they should have been, you can make some good money. You could even look at charity shops to find items which will resell and deliver you a decent profit. From a quick online search you can see news stories of people earning over £30k by selling clothes on eBay. How do you fancy a slice of that?

Garden Gear

We love our gardens and outdoor space. Especially during 2020 when we've been stuck at home, we've been buying more garden items to make the most of our space. eBay's data tells us tat more and more people have been buying garden equipment. You'll be pleased with an average sale price of almost £50. It can be quite seasonal though as who is going to buy some outdoor rattan furniture in December?

Business Equipment

Running a business can be made much easier if you can go to one website and search for what you need to buy, then checkout in one simple process. That is why business equipment is popular on eBay. The average sale price is almost £75 and there are lots of items available, perfect for those of us who have started new businesses or have had to set up home offices. Desks, office chairs and even reams of A4 paper. 

Musical Instruments 

This category gives some of the most profitable items to sell on eBay. Musical instruments come and go and get passed around but they retain their monetary worth. Parents might want their children to learn to play an instrument. With all this extra time at home we might want to occupy ourselves with a new hobby. With an average sale price of over £250, new and pre-loved instruments can make you a decent income.

Books & Comics

Do you have a box of old books, comics or magazines in your loft? eBay is the perfect place to find a buyer for them. Buyers will pay top whack for these vintage, collectable and rare items, with an average sale price of over £75. Now could be the perfect time to see what you've got on your shelves that you could sell or buy at car boot sales to resell.

Rarities & Antiques

Just like the books and comics above, antiques and vintage goods are perfect for eBay. They're one of the most profitable items to sell on eBay with an average sale price of almost £100. Make sure you list them properly and use the key words that people would be searching for. If then a potential buyer is looking for a specific antique you have, they'll find the listing and start bidding. 

According to eBay, over 12 million UK people have bought a pre-loved item off of eBay so far this year. There is a lot of competition for sales just because of the volume of items listed on the platform. If you'd like to get selling online in order to earn some extra cash, the most profitable items to sell on eBay are a good place to start. 

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