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5 Ways To Get Paid To Watch Videos

There are lots of, perhaps unique and unorthodox ways that people make money these days. From live streaming their gaming, to reselling Lego. What would your dream way of making some extra cash be right now? Whilst we perhaps can't get you earning lots of money for laying on a beach in the sunshine, we can help you use your free time to earn cash doing something you might already do! How would you like to get paid to watch videos? Yes, this is actually a thing! You really can earn money for watching video in your spare time! Let's take a look at some of the many sites which allow you to do this!

Watch Ads On SuccessBux

We sit through so many adverts in life. Before a film at the cinema. During TV shows. Even when we're playing games on our phones. Why sit through them for free? With SuccessBux, the money you earn from it is basically free cash! They have over 300,000 registered members. You can quickly earn enough money to withdraw through PayPal as the minimum balance to payout is only $1, or about 80p. Like so many of these money making sites, you can earn more by try your hand at completing surveys. You can even refer friends to make more money. SuccessBux say that earnings are limitless as you can earn as much as you can perform. Basically, the more you put in, the more you'll get out!

Earn Money Via iRazoo

iRazoo have paid out over $107 million to it's members. How do you fancy a slice of that pie? The platform has been seen and featured on CNN and The Wall Street Journal as well as other sites. iRazoo say that brands pay them for consumer input. So when they recruit members just like you and I, we can do activities to earn free gift cards and cold hard cash. This way everybody wins. You can download app, play games, answer surveys and get paid to watch videos. You can earn even more by completing offers and referring friends. Just five friend referrals will net you 2500 points!

One of the reviews on the site reads: “I’ve been a member of iRazoo for over a year now. Between surveys and games and other options to rack up points to redeem for gift cards, I’ve been able to afford extras for Christmas, Halloween, gifts to give people important to me. If you need a little extra money to get through special moments in life, I’d definitely advise joining.” If that sounds like your cup of tea, get signed up today! You can earn your first 100 points by simply entering your email address.

Make Money On InboxPounds

Earn cash by completing surveys and watching videos with InboxPounds. The more tasks you undertake the more you'll earn. One of the great things about InboxPounds is that even reading their emails about deals can earn you some extra cash. As well as searching the internet via their search page. The platform has been seen on the BBC and Yahoo and over £2 million has been paid out to it's members. They've partnered with some well known names that you'll recognised such as Audible from Amazon, to deliver a robust platform of earning opportunities. You can get a £1 bonus when you sign up and you can turn your rewards into PayPal cash or Amazon vouchers. 

Collect Cash Via SwagBucks

You might have heard of SwagBucks before! If you haven't yet signed up, you're missing out. You can start earning rewards for watching videos in no time. You can also add additional rewards to your account by surfing the internet and completing surveys. The videos you'll be tasked with watching will include the likes of news content, viral videos and advertisements. You won't get paid a lot for watching videos but by combining the watching of the videos with completing surveys and the other opportunities available, your account earnings will total up quickly. 

How to convert SwagBucks to cash. 

Give Your Opinion On YouGov

Sign up to YouGov and you can give your opinion on a whole range of subjects. From popular culture to current events, the surveys differ. For every survey you take part in you'll be awarded a certain number of points. You find out how many points the survey is worth before you start it and once you earn 5000 points you'll be able to turn that into a £50 payout straight into your bank account. You can get paid to watch videos on this platform occasionally. You'll often find that some of the questions you get asked are to do with television too. Not quite along the sames lines as Googlebox though!

YouGov are asking these questions to see what shows people are watching and what they perhaps think of certain shows, actors and channels. The questions you get asked will be fairly diverse and you can sign up to have emails sent you to when there is a new survey available. Alternatively you can download the app to your phone which might make it even easier for you to do whilst lounging on the sofa. Your everyday activities can quite literally earn you some money. It might take a while to get to 5000 points but when you do, you can do whatever you like with your £50. What will you do with yours?

Sign Up & Begin

As you can see from these five examples, there are ways that you can get paid to watch videos. From survey sites to giving your opinions. You might even consider something slightly out the box. You could offer your services on a site such as Fiverr to subtitle videos. This could earn you some decent money and you'll once again be watching a range of videos as you subtitle your way through. What other ways can you think of to get paid to watch videos? Get creative, use your spare time wisely and you'll be loving the amount of extra cash you can direct into your bank account. Happy watching!


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