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Make Some Extra Money For Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, lots of us will be looking at buying gifts and sorting out the big festive food shop. A lot of Christmas costs money but the first thing to say is that it's only one day. If you don't have the money, don't spend it. Don't get yourself into debt for one day. Christmas Day shouldn't bring with it financial worries. If you do want to make some extra money for Christmas, for spending on presents and treating the family, there are ways you can go about it. Let's take a look at some of the best ideas. 

Sell Some Stuff

One of the best ways to make money right now is to sell some stuff that you already own. Have a look around your home and pick out the things you don't use anymore, or simply no longer want. Gather these items up and get them listed on selling sites. You can sell for free on Facebook Marketplace and local people will usually collect pretty quickly too.

If you need to list on eBay, make sure you wait for one of their reduced fees weekends such as max £1 fees. This works especially well if the item you're going to sell is worth lots of money. eBay usually take 10% as a fee so if you're selling for more than £10, you'll save money by using opting into one of their promo weekends. You could try Gumtree and other online selling sites too. If you have books, DVDs or tech you might be able to sell them to Music Magpie. Take your items into a CEX store and get a fixed price for them. As you can see, getting rid of items you no longer use has never been easier and you might have something someone just down the road is looking for.

Take On A Part Time Job

Do you have some extra time at the end of the working week? Have you been meaning to watch less TV and make more from you spare time? Now could be the perfect time to take on a part time job. Even for maybe one or two nights a week or one of your weekend days, you could become a delivery driver for a takeaway or perhaps work in a shop on a Saturday. There are lots of shops and businesses out there who are looking for seasonal staff. In the run up to Christmas there is often more work to do and the likes of B&M, Card Factory and even Royal Mail usually look for seasonal workers. If you're prepared to do some hard work you can make plenty of extra money for Christmas.

Switch Your Bank

Bank incentives are back. It's easy to get up to £125 completely free by simply switching who you bank with. These deals don't always last long and new ones are arriving all the time so you might not always have access to £125 of free cash. But you should be able to switch banks for a decent reward. This is how banks tempt you to move your current account to them. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the deal you're switching to.

Some of them have requirements about the amount of money paid into the account every month. Whilst for a lot of people this might be your salary, there are lots of us who have lost their jobs so you might have to shift money in and out and back in again, to hit those requirements. Also check the customer reviews of the banks. You don't want to switch to one with extremely poor customer service. £100+ for free sounds good to us though!

Rewrite Your Christmas Gift List

Now could be the time to rewrite that Christmas gift list of yours. Whilst we have lots of people who want to buy for, you don't have to buy for them. Immediate family is usually a must but even then, you don't have to spend a lot of money to celebrate Christmas. Have the awkward conversation with extended family and friends about not buying for one another this year. This will save you some money that you can use elsewhere.

Put a budget on your Christmas purchases and stick to it. Maybe £5 Christmas gifts are an idea for this year? Take a look in charity shops for some absolute bargains of items that might be on your Christmas list. People have been clearing out things more than ever before and you might find something that is perfect for your children or loved ones. Look for things on offer in the build up to Christmas, making sure that if you are buying things, you're buying them for the best possible price. 

Use Your Vouchers

When was the last time you swiped your Nectar card? When was the last time you spent the points from your Nectar card? This works for many of the card based schemes that shops run. You might have more than you thought. A quick log into our Nectar account and we have over £45 worth of points to spend. Using points and vouchers to buy gifts can keep your spending down and help you stay on budget. Whilst you might not think that this is making extra money for Christmas, you've done the making of the money already by swiping for your points. All you need to do in convert them into the cash to get the items you need or Christmas Day.

Change Your Supermarket

Speaking of supermarkets, where do you shop? Some of us spend lots of cash at high end supermarkets when we could get what we need for a lot less at budget shops. This is a way of making more of your money, freeing up the cash that you do have. You won't spend as much money on your like-for-like food shop so you'll have more money to spend elsewhere. Make your money go further by simply changing the supermarket that you shop at.

There are lots of ways to make some extra money for Christmas and the ones we've mentioned are only the start. Think outside the box and figure out some new ways that you can make money for the festive season.

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