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Go To A Car Boot Sale Online

Early Sunday mornings. Out of bed at the crack of dawn. Walking around a field. A cup of tea in hand and the smell of bacon butties in the air. Lots of traders setting out their stalls and taking things out of their cars to put on trestle tables. Looking through items and finding bargains. Looking for products for reselling and maybe things for your own home. Haggling for the best price. This is the car boot sale vibe we've all been missing during lock down. Perhaps some of us aren't quite ready to return to them yet, even if they're back up and running with social distancing in place. If you still want the fun of a boot sale with plenty of bargains to be had, you need to go to a car boot sale online.

Many Of Us Have Been Missing Out

Thrown into lockdown we were suddenly missing out. Lots of people have reselling businesses which rely on visiting car boot sales regularly. Other people do it for community and to spend their Sunday mornings having a look around to see if anything catches their eye. Some people sell at car boot sales and make their money that way too. Missing out on the things we know and love, where we spend out time, is hard. When something suddenly gets pulled away from you, it's a blow. So, even if you've been missing out, on the physical car boot sale, you can get involved with a car boot sale online. You just won't have to battle different weathers, make sure you have a float or get up quite as early. You can even log on from your bed! Let's have a look at how you can.

From The Comfort Of Your Home

Did you even know that you could go to a car boot sale online? Not many people do. It's quite simple really. There are a few different sites that you can do this through but perhaps the most popular and well advertised is Online Car Booty. The Online Car Boot Sale runs all week and new stalls start every Sunday at 3 pm. They even have an app! The team state that they are “a great alternative to Ebay and our army of online car booters is getting bigger every day!” If that sounds like your kind of thing then sign up and get involved.

They have the option to buy or sell and you can even explore or set up charity stalls. If you want to sell items for charity at the car boot sale online you simply change your payment method to ‘Just Giving' and the site will send payments to a Just Giving donation page you've previously set up. All of this, from the comfort of your own home. Simply brew up and get the bacon butties on the go to round off the authentic experience!

Find Bargains For Yourself

There are some amazing ways to find bargains for yourself via a car boot sale online. You can have all the experience of a regular and tradition car boot sale too. You can do some online haggling using the built in messaging system available on the platform. Get the best price just like you would do on a Sunday morning as you wander past stall after stall. Dust off those haggling techniques you haven't used for a few months and make sure you get the item you want for yourself, for the perfect price. You could make new friends via the platform or even meet some of the buyers and sellers you'd usually find at your regular Sunday morning patch. There's nothing to worry about with your transactions either. Your payments are safe as the site is PayPal verified and SSL secure. 

Boost Your Reselling Business Again 

There's nothing stopping you from buying at the car boot sale online and using the items as part of your reselling business. You might even decide to sell the items you buy, on the platform itself. If you know what an item is worth and can get it for a decent price, you can really make some good profits. Just as you would on eBay, for example.

With Online Car Booty you can sell your items, for life, buy signing up to the £19.99 VIP program. This allows you to sell what you like whenever you want. You'll get a 100 item stall and a free banner every week. If you only want to sell a few items, you can sell for free with a 10 item stall. The site doesn't charge final value fees on the price either so you're likely to make a bit more money than you would elsewhere.

What Are You Waiting For?

So if you've been missing out on those Sunday morning car boot sale vibes, you can enjoy them from your own phone or laptop, as you sit in your PJs, TV on in the background and you enjoy a cup of coffee from an actual mug. Get online, search for a car boot sale online and start enjoying those things you've been missing out on. Whether you're buying for yourself or for reselling, or selling those items you've invested in or have simply had a clear out during lock down, you can buy, sell and even make money for charity. Let us know how you get on with your car boot sale online experience!

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