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Cora of The Mini Millionaire

Hi, I’m Cora Harrison

I started The Mini Millionaire way back in 2014. I’d just graduated from University and decided to leave the corporate world I was destined for and instead start up my own business. Since then I’ve gone on to start more side-hustles than I can count. Some have been successful, some not so much… Some have even been so successful I’ve sold them!

The Mini Millionaire was designed as a place for me to document my experiences (instead of boring my girlfriend Helen with financial speel). Little did I know it would turn into a dedicated resources for those looking to earn money, save money and take back control of their finances.

I hope you enjoy it!


From side-hustles making £100 a month through to businesses turning over £80,000 a year. In a short space of time, I’ve done it all… and I’m here to share my secrets on how you can do it too! Earning money online, from your home, there’s something here to suit every need…



Whether you are looking to pay off some unwanted credit-card debt or save for your very first home. We have practical solutions that you can implement to make your money saving goals a reality regardless of their size or your financial situation…



Do you suck at budgeting? Perhaps you’ve no idea how much you’re spending on a monthly basis, or where on earth your money keeps disappearing each and every month. We have a number of practical solutions to end that budgeting nightmare and help you plan for the future.



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