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Super Small Business Ideas For Women

Women are awesome. Women want to be in charge of their destinies. Fierce, brave, smart. Just some of the words to describe amazing ladies. With women making more strides than ever in the world of business, have you ever fancied joining those successful businesswomen and starting your own venture? We've got some super small business ideas for women that might just be what you're looking for.

Successful Businesswoman Traits

To begin with, do you have what it takes to take on the world of business? A successful businesswoman needs to have, maybe not all, but certainly some of the following traits. Passion. Ambition. Confidence. Self-belief. Persistence. Assertiveness. A willingness to learn, a sense of purpose and to be hard working. Does that sound like you? We're not all perfect and could certainly work on some of these to improve ourselves. If you're still interested, even with all the hard work that is going to come, keep on reading for some brilliant small business ideas for women.

The Ideas

Start A Ladies Club

There is a growth in ladies supporting ladies in business. Could you be the one who brings together an amazing group of business women and allows them to network, develop, grow and inspire? These groups often meet once a month, with guest speakers and opportunities to network. If you run this, you'll need to charge a small fee for coming along to these events as you'll spend a lot of time putting them together. You might even get the local press involved and become to go to person for women's events in the county. You never know where it might lead!

Become A Blogger

Can you start blogging about your life experience? Maybe you went through the foster system as a child. Perhaps you were a teacher and decided to quit because of the stress. Do you have a story that people would be interested in? Giving your opinion on things and starting a blog with lots of information is a great way to be creative with your words and make a living.

Try Freelance Writing

Similar to blogging, could you writer for newspapers and other online publications? There are lots of ways to get your opinion heard. These newspapers need stories, so why couldn't you write one for them? Maybe based on your experience or how you've lived through something which is trending in the news? Freelance writing offers many opportunities, even if it's not always steady work. Maybe you could even write a book!

Create An Online Course

Did you launch a business before you were 21? Have you a YouTube channel with loads of followers? Did you crack the code to Instagram marketing? Do you have knowledge that people will pay for? An online course is a great way to create something and then let it sell over and over again. Once you've done the work, you don't need to do anything else, it will sell itself. 

Become A Consultant

You likely have a great deal of life experience that you could use to teach and train other people. You could also turn your hand to consulting. Showing organisations and companies how they could improve how they run things and undertake their work. Consultants can charge a great deal of money and often find more work from word of mouth recommendations. You'll work with lots of people and can take advantage of lots of network opportunities.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Next on our list of small business ideas for women, is a virtual assistant. If you have past experience of being a PA, how about becoming a VA? This one is perfect for working from home. You could work with just one client or maybe take on a handful of clients with smaller needs. You could be doing anything from replying to emails, organising trips, scheduling appointments and managing events. A virtual assistant's day offers a whole host of variety and it could be a great venture for you to take on. 

Sell Your Crafts

Do you have a passion for making bath bombs, or soap, or wax candles? Why not turn that into a business? There are lots of ways of selling crafts to the public, from Etsy to Christmas markets. You'll need an eye for branding, great customer service and lots of space to store your products. If handcrafting stuff is something you enjoy and find fun, maybe a crafty business is on the horizon? 

Become A Photographer

If you always enjoy having a camera in your hands, how about starting a photography business? You'll stand out from the crowd as even today, photography seems to be a male dominated area. How about turning your hand to wedding photography or baby photography? Your style might be appreciated by brides and new mums more than others and you could become well known in one of those fields. 

Yoga Instructor

Everyone loves a bit of gentle exercise and there are loads of opportunities to cash in on that. Maybe you could teach Yoga, or Pilates, or Zumba? Advertise yourself locally, offer an introductory price and you'll find lots of people who want to pay to come to your classes. You could even just start by doing free lessons on YouTube. This would help you become known and see if it is worth looking at bricks and mortar studio or renting out a space a few times a week.

Open A Shop

Maybe you've always had the dream of opening your own shop? Get the perfect space in the perfect part of town, selling the perfect products or offering a great service and you're winning. Maybe it's a little bakery that you always thought of, or a coffee house or a gift shop? Whatever your venture, make sure you target the local community as they can so often be the ones who make or break a new business. Take a look at these small business ideas for small towns

Rent Out A Room

Do you have a spare room in your house? Or an outhouse which could be used for putting someone up? Why not rent our your extra room or space on AirBnB? You'll meet loads of new people from all walks of life. You'll likely make life long friends and discover a side of you that you maybe never knew was there. You might surprise yourself further and be popping chocolates on their pillows before you know it!

Start A Podcast

Podcasts are becoming increasingly more popular. Could you run your own? Maybe you could discussing parenting, or deciding not to have kids. Maybe you could talk about marriage, divorce, other life events. Podcasts are relativity cost free to set up and you can find software online which helps you put them together. Get yourself some guests, attract an audience via social media and you could even sell merchandise of books off the back of your podcast venture. Some podcast teams even do monthly recordings in front of a live audience so you could start selling tickets. This could work hand in hand with a ladies club mentioned further up.

As you can see there are lots of small business ideas for women which can lead to amazing lives. The career you once dreamt of might just be a few steps away. You just need to take those steps towards it.





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