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Try These SEMrush Alternatives

We all want our websites to work better. We all want our content to be seen by more people. As good as you think your SEO knowledge is, you'd be daft to not get some professional help from some SEO software. Lots of people choose SEMrush, including well known global brands like eBay and However, you have to pay for the privilege of using it. It might be the worlds number one marketing tool, but after your seven day free trial you'll need to select a price and plan that works for you. These start at $99.95 a month. That's for the Pro plan, the Guru plan is double that price and the Business plan is almost $400 a month. You'll find SEO, Advertising, Content, and SMM all in one place. Whilst you might get a great tool for the price, not everyone can afford that and not everyone needs all those functions. So what are some of the best SEMrush alternatives?

SEMrush Alternatives

Before we start working through a bunch of SEMrush alternatives, it's worth noting that everyone's situation is different. Everyone likes different workflows, has different requirements and has different amounts of money to invest. It's difficult to find software that works for you and that you really connect with, but hopefully working through this list, you'll find one of the SEMrush competitors which sits well with your business.

SE Ranking

If you're looking for an alternative which provides the same all round functioning that you get from SEMrush, SE Ranking might be the perfect solution. The features of the software include SEO tools, SEO/PPC competitor research and B2B feature such as lead generator. There is also social media marketing tools for scheduled publishing and monitoring. To get you started they offer a two week free trial. The pricing is interesting too. You can save 20% by paying annually, bringing their cheapest package down from £23 to £18. You can save even further by choosing how often the product checks your rankings. If you want it to check daily, you won't get any discount, but if you choose weekly you'll get a further 40% off, bringing your total discount to 60%. This means the price range is now £10.80 – £53, depending on the package you require. If you signed up with SE Ranking you'd be joining over 300,000+ users.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Another all in one platform which covers everything you need to launch effective marketing campaigns, is HubSpot Marketing Hub. Some customers state that they've seen organic traffic grow by 450% since using the software. HubSpot offers free tools and CRM which aren't just free for a trial period, they can be free forever. However if you want more than those basics, things start at £33.60 a month for the marketing hub. You can create a bundle which saves you even more, including marketing, sales and service hubs with other add-ons possible. If you're still unsure on what package is best for you, you can call them and discuss your options. Soon though, you'll be able to schedule emails, find new prospects and manage your pipeline.


Act-On seem to do things a little bit differently in terms of price and we'll get onto that shortly. Their product helps you with landing pages, lead scoring, analytics, reporting and automation. With customer marketing, personalised experience and B2C sales and transactions, there is a lot to unpack from the Act-On product. Customer rave about the support that is available but it seems to be a long and winding road to get a decent return on investment. This is where the pricing comes into play. Depending on how many active contacts you have, things start at £729 a month. They are one of the top 50 marketing products of 2020 and you can book a free assessment and free demo which will help show you whether this product is for you or not.

Moz Pro

If you're just looking for help with SEO, Moz Pro might be a product name you've heard of. You can get a decent free trial to see if it's going to work for what you need and the company state their product removes SEO complexity. Be honest, how good does that sound? SEO is something many people struggle with so making it easier can be fantastic. You can track your rankings for keywords, crawl and audit your sites, optimise your pages and find link opportunities. Reporting is easy and you can see data that is trustworthy and easy to understand. Depending on the level you require, you can choose fro their standard, medium, large and premium plans, starting at just £79 a month.  One of the great things is that all packages come with 24/7 support. 

Sprout Social

If you just want to focus on the social media marketing aspect of things, getting a little helping hand from Sprout Social could be the answer. There's a 30 day free trial available with no software to install and no credit card details to input. This is a great opportunity to see what the platform is all about. Their clients include Shopify and Subaru, along with over 20,000 people just like you. It's one platform for all your SMM needs, from listening to publishing to analytics. Users call it a gamechanger and it offers solutions for every person your your social team. Their standard package is $99 a month, per user, which only includes 5 social profiles. If you want more functionality than you perhaps get with similar free products, you'll pay more, up to $249 to have more profiles, chatbots and custom URL tracking.

As you can see thee are lots of potential SEMrush alternatives and these are just a handful you can look into and potential choose to work with. Start looking for SEMrush competitors and see what they offer you and your business above other tools. Don't rush into things either. Take some time to try products out with their free trials so you can properly figure out what is going to help you out, not just for the next few weeks, but in the long run. 

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