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Small Business Ideas For Small Towns

Lots of us have big business ambitions. Taking on the city, dominating the business world, making our millions with the next big idea. However, have you considered staying where you are and setting up shop in your small town? Creating a business or offering a service that actually makes a difference to the people of your local area? Let's take a look at some small business ideas for small towns and why they might just work! 

Why Stay In A Small Town?

One of the things to ask yourself first is, why would you stay where you are? What does the town you live in have to provide? Doesn't it have everything it already needs? Would your business idea fit in around here? Local communities show so much support to one another and that includes independent businesses. If it's a good fit for the town, people will lap it up. Being loyal to where you live can be fantastic and the loyalty will be returned from the locals who appreciate you and your business venture.

Support Your Local Community & They'll Support You

Maybe you live in a small town where everyone knows one another. One where there are businesses from the past still trading on the high street. Where the local garage has been passed down from father to son to grandson. If you live there, you're just as much part of all of this. Whatever your talent or your idea for a business, if it brings people to the town, promotes the wonder of the community or gives the local people something of value, it will be appreciated and supported. 

Top Small Business Ideas

It's worth mentioning that not all of these ideas will work in all towns. You need to think about and look into what your small town already has. Do they need yet another coffee shop on the high street when the ones already there are generally unused? Take a look at these great small business ideas for small towns and see what you could bring to your community.

Gift Shop

Lots of local communities have a good gift shop. If your town doesn't, maybe you could create one? You could offer everything from greeting cards to birthday presents for people of all ages. Wrapping paper, scented candles, jewelry. You could go down the ethical gifts route so everything in the shop has come from an ethical supplier. Make sure to include lots of products from local creators and crafters too. 

Art Gallery

If you have a talent for art, why not set up a shop which is half gallery, half studio? You could have an area where you paint and the other half of the space is a gallery for your art work. If you concentrate on local subjects and landscapes you will have even more interest. People will fall in love with the artistic interpretations of the local areas they adore. This could work for other areas of the arts too, including photography.

Gardening Services

Lots of people have gardens but have little time to tend to them. This is where you could come in at an affordable rate. Take the hassle out of the mowing and the wedding and the mowing and the wedding. You get the idea. You can easily get repeat business if you do a good job. Maybe every week, perhaps every month. Get a number of good clients who want you regularly and you can help make the local community look beautiful whilst enjoying the outdoors and getting paid.

Plastic Free Shop

There is a rise in plastic free shops. Could this be the most relevant on our list of small business ideas for small towns? Everyone is trying to cut down on their plastic consumption and being able to go to a one stop shop to top up our jars and bottles sounds perfect. These are popping up in communities across the nation so don't let someone else pop up in your town before you do.

Ice Cream Shop

Everyone loves a good ice cream, right? Why not open a shop? Families don't always have a lot of time or money to spend together. But a trip to the ice cream shop for a treat is the perfect family hour. You don't have to open until late morning but you need to have a smile on your face and plenty of awesome flavours. Preferably locally made too! You could even invest in a retro ice cream van and do the rounds after you close the shop. A flake in mine please!

Boat Hire

Does your local town have a river? Could you hire boats out for people to enjoy a row on the water? There are loads of amazing towns that have this, but also towns with rivers that don't. It doesn't have to be a river either, it could be a lake. You'll likely have to have some permissions and decent insurance but it could be a great money spinner in the summer months. You could even combine it with the ice cream shop above!


Everyone loves the smell of fresh bread. A fantastic and rustic indie bakery could be a great addition to your local high street. We're thinking a range of breads, including sourdough obviously. As well as sausage rolls, pasties, pastries and cakes. You could even offer sandwiches for the mid day rush of trades people and office workers. 

Dog Grooming

People need their dogs looking after and dog groomers are cropping up all over the place. Owners will happily pay for their canine companions to be pampered and have their coats cut. Start offering this service from your own home, maybe a garage. Look after your own appointments, provide a fantastic service, get regular clients and you might even be able to branch out into a shop front with more staff. 

Niche Food Truck

People love tasty food and there are lots of independent food trucks appearing across the nation. From sweet treats like rolled ice cream to stone baked pizzas and Mexican wraps. The great thing about this is that you can organise pitches across your local area throughout the week and promote them on your social media pages in advance. Serve up delicious grub at good prices and you'll get regular customers.

Hand Car Wash

Cars need washing and people will pay their hard earned cash to someone else to avoid doing it themselves. A hand cash wash is fairly inexpensive to set up and you can pretty much start accepting cars straight away. 


There are lots of people who need jobs doing around their home who don't have the time, skills or confidence to do it themselves. From painting and decorating to power washing. Fencing to flooring. You could even offer to do tip trips for people. 

Tour Guide

Is your local town one with a tourist trade. If it is, you will likely have many visitors throughout the year. These could easily become your customers. If you've lived here for a long time, take them on a tour. Show them the great parts of the town, the historical side and maybe a few town myths too. When people visit new places they like to learn about them so you could easily charge a few quid per person for a short tour of the town.

As you can see, there are plenty of small business ideas for small towns. You just have to choose the one that works for you!



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