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How To Redeem Nectar Points On eBay

Looking at how to redeem Nectar points on eBay?

If redeeming Nectar points at Sainsbury's or Argos isn't for you then you might want to consider redeeming them for purchases made on eBay.

Afterall eBay doesn't just sell second-hand goods, it's also a platform that major retailers sell new and damage / reconditioned goods on.

Using Nectar points towards goods in this manner is another great way to cut costs.

How To Earn Nectar Points

You can earn Nectar points at a number of major retailers or even womble receipts and put those towards your Nectar balance.

All points will be automatically added to your Nectar account within the cycle of 28 days upon completion of your purchase.

If you want to see your Nectar points or the number of Nectar points you've accumulated you can do so on the Nectar app.

How Many Nectar Points Can I Collect On eBay?

As well as spending Nectar points on eBay you can also collect Nectar points there too.

To do so you need to link the Nectar account to your eBay account – as discussed below.

The number of Nectar points relates directly to how much you spend to the nearest £10.

For instance, if the total amount you spend while purchasing items on eBay ends with say £xx.99, this. 99 will be rounded up and the approximate value will be used for the purpose of accumulating your Nectar points.

Similarly, anything now will also be rounded down. So, if you spend a total amount of £30.99 on an item, you'll receive a total of 40 Nectar points but, If you spend £40.95, you'll receive a total of 30 Nectar points.

Hence, the number of Nectar point you'll get depends directly on the total amount of items paid for excluding the postage fee and other add-ons.

How To Link The Nectar Account To My eBay Account?

If you already have a Nectar account and you have successfully registered on eBay, all you have to do to get this accounts linked together is to visit navigate to the Nectar area under my eBay on the navigation bar.

Once you click here you'll be directed to a page that allows you to input your Nectar card number and other information relating to your Nectar card.

How To Redeem Nectar Points On eBay

Are you thinking of converting your points to eBay vouchers that can be used to purchase an item on eBay? Or are you confused as to how you can redeem those points, here's how it can be done.

Click On Nectar In The Buy Section Of My eBay

Once you log in on your eBay account, click on Nectar in the Buy section of My eBay. There, you'd see a section where you can convert your Nectar point into an eBay voucher. All you have to do is to enter the number of points you'd like to convert into a voucher.

Once the number has been filled, click on the Get it now column. Immediately you've successfully converted the points into voucher, you can confirm the transaction in My eBay.

Be informed this voucher remains valid for 12 months and its validity begins to countdown from the day you redeem it. It can be used to pay for the item purchased on eBay via PayPal at checkout.

Note that Nectar points are non-refundable which means, once you have successfully converted your Nectar points into voucher, it can't be undone.

How To Use Nectar Points To Buy Goods On eBay

Once the conversion has been successful and you want to purchase items with them, at checkout, you'll see the already created voucher (redeemed Nectar point).

Depending on the price of the item you'd like to purchase, you might choose to use one or more. All you have to do is tick the box just beside the Nectar voucher(s) you want to use in the transaction process.

Also, note that you are allowed to use only multiple vouchers for a purchase if you have spent at least a total of £10 (including the postage fee)

Peradventure you need to return an item you've purchased using the Nectar voucher, a new voucher will be issued upon remittance of all items from the previous transaction.

If you can not produce the whole item or you could produce just one of the multiple bought items, issuing a new voucher becomes impossible and points will be lost (since it's non-refundable).

So it's advisable you study the terms and conditions as regards redeeming and converting Nectar points into vouchers as well as using eBay vouchers to purchase the item.

Most importantly, you can get vouchers in 500-point increments to as much as 40,000 points (worth £200) per voucher.

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