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Answered: Can You Collect Nectar Points At Argos

Are you looking to find out whether you can collect Nectar Points at Argos?

Shopping at Argos is super convenient; they seem to have stores everywhere and stock a whole range of different products.

While Argos doesn't have a dedicated rewards programme, you are able to benefit from collecting Nectar points and spending Nectar points at Argos.

Nectar Points – A Quick Background

Nectar has been around for over a decade now, yet like many rewards programmes, it's constantly changing and evolving.

Right now, you can collect Nectar points when making purchases at a number of retailers including; eBay, Sainsbury's and Virgin Trains.

The complete list of participating retailers is currently available on the Nectar website.

As you collect Nectar points you'll build up a balance that can be exchanged for various rewards with the participating retailers.

Here's a look at how much 1,000 Nectar points are currently worth.

How To Sign Up For A Nectar Account

If you don't already have a Nectar account, setting one up couldn't be easier.

Simply head to the Nectar website and click the link to sign up.

Enter your details, and you'll be given your account information straight away.

Your physical card will arrive in the post around ten days later.

ProTip: You cannot collect or redeem your Nectar Points without a card. If you forget to use the card at checkout, talk to the store’s customer service desk to help get those points applied to your card.

You have 14 days after your purchase to show your receipt to customer service in order to receive your missing points.

How To Collect Nectar Points At Argos

You are able to collect Nectar points at Argos. To do so, you will need to link your Nectar and Argos accounts together. You can do this by;

  1. Signing into your Argos account.
  2. Locate “Your Account.”
  3. Click on “Ways to Pay.”
  4. Find your Nectar card number.
  5. Add your Nectar card number to your Argos account.

How To Spend Nectar Points At Argos

You are also able to spend Nectar points at Argos either online or instore.

ProTip: If you would like to spend them in the store, you will need to go to a till that has an employee working there. Self-service checkouts will not work to cash-out your Nectar Points. Make sure that you have your Nectar card with you so you can hand it to the employee at the check stand.

If you are spending your Nectar Points online, you will be given a chance to choose how many points to spend as you check out.

They need to be in increments of 500 points to work out.

Likewise, when you are redeeming your Nectar Points in-store, you will need to indicate how many points you would like to use during the transaction.

Answered: Are There Any Fees Associated With Spending Nectar Points At Argos

There are no fees associated with spending Nectar points.

Nectar works with the stores directly and they make their profit from the stores, not from the consumer directly.

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