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A Guide To Wombling Receipts

The concept of wombling reciepts is simple.

Collect discarded receipts and cash in on any unclaimed loyalty points or price promise guarantees.

A quick example; Your shopping in Tesco when you find a receipt on the floor. The person spent £200 but didn’t swipe their Tesco Clubcard. Ask for those points to be added to your Tesco Clubcard and you’re a wombler!

This concept has paid for weeks and even months of our own supermarket shopping at a time.

However, it’s important you know the rules, and where you’ll get your best return on investment for your time when it comes to wombling.

Wombling Receipts For Tesco Clubcard Points At Tesco

Tesco currently provides Clubcard points to customers shopping in-store. Find a receipt that’s not had a Clubcard linked with it within 14 days of the transaction and you can claim the points at customer services.

However, Tesco Clubcard points give you £0.01 in return for every £1 spent. This can often be doubled, tripled or quadrupled on the Clubcard website where you can exchange your points for days out, meals etc.

Regardless, this scheme isn’t the most rewarding.

Not only do you need to find receipts that haven’t been used the amount of value you’re going to get back isn’t likely to be worth your time.

If you are wondering Tesco Clubcard points do I have? Simply visit the Tesco Clubcard website or ask in-store at the check-out or at the customer service desk.

Wombling Receipts At Sainsbury’s For Nectar Points

Sainsbury’s currently provides its customers with Nectar points. Much like Tesco, you’re going to need to find a receipt that’s not been linked with a Nectar card in order to claim.

However, Nectar points are worth even less than Clubcard points at just £0.05 per point/pound spent. These too can be doubled up on the Nectar website and exchanged for days out etc.

Again, regardless of whether you can double, triple or even quadruple your points wombling in Sainsbury’s is least likely to provide you with any real return on investment for your time.

Wombling Receipts At Asda For Asda Price Guarantee

As of October 2018, the Asda Price Guarantee has been cancelled.

Finally, we’re getting somewhere. I personally womble at Asda. However, Asda has no loyalty card. Instead, you’ll need to find an Asda receipt and compare the shopping at Asda online to the other major supermarkets.

The Asda Price Guarantee ensures that Asda will give you the difference if they find that your shop (or 8 items or more 1 of which needs to be comparable) isn’t 10% cheaper when compared to the leading supermarkets; Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose.

What I love about wombling at Asda is that when you find a receipt you’ve already hit a winner.

As this person has clearly not checked Asda’s online Asda Price Guarantee system.

You’re able to redeem the money on eligible Asda receipts on your food shopping – Personally, I find this is worth much more to me than days out etc.

Finally, the return on investment is much higher with the average APG coming in at around £2 with many finding receipts worth £14 or more…

Think about it, if you saw £2 on the floor you’d pick it up. So what’s the difference in picking up an Asda receipt?

Wombling Morrisons Match And More Points At Morrisons

Morrisons uses a Match and More loyalty card. Look out for receipts that haven’t got a Morrisons Match and More card associated with them.

Take the receipts to the customer service desk and redeem the points onto your own card. Morrisons will only let you add 15 receipts to your Morrisons Match and More card in a 30 day period.

However, the criteria for a valid receipt is different to just a plain old shop in Morrisons. You need to spend £15 or more in store and purchase at least one ‘comparable’ product.

You earn points based on whether or not your shop would have been cheaper elsewhere.

For every £0.10 difference in price, you get 100 Match and More points. You need 5,000 points before you can exchange your points for a £5 money off voucher.

Wombling Free Coffee At McDonald’s

Wombling at McDonald’s isn’t something I’d ever go out of my way to do. However, if you’re calling in for a bite to eat it’s worth knowing what you want to be looking out for.

In this case, it’s the coffee cups. McDonald’s offer you a free hot drink when you collect six stickers from a McDonald’s coffee cup.

You’ll need to put these small stickers on a cardboard tab that’s available on every coffee cup from McDonald’s.

Wombling Costa Coffee Club Points At Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee works on a points system. You can add points to your Costa Coffee Club card in-store, online or via the Costa Coffee application.

This is perfect if you’re a little nervous about wombling and confronting a staff member and asking for the credit to be applied to your loyalty card.

Redeem your Costa Coffee Club Points for food and drink in a Costa Coffee store.

Wombling SubCard Points At Subway

Exchange unclaimed Subcard points from Subway receipts for points on a Subway card to exchange for food.

Subway points work by claiming points for each purchase made in Subway. Womble discarded receipts and get them put onto your Subcard (either physical or mobile version) and redeem your Subcard points for food.

Wombling Receipts For A Free Chicken At Nando’s

Nando’s have a fantastic loyalty scheme allowing you to save for various different food from appetisers up to full meals. Wombling here can be very rewarding.

Nandos loyalty scheme used to be card-based. However early in 2015, they moved to a mobile application.

While you can have your points added at the till you can also do them manually – again allowing you to avoid the confrontation with staff.

While the rewards are great, the Nandos card does have some limits. You need to spend £7 to claim a ‘chilli’ and you can only claim one ‘chilli’ per day.

Which means you’re going to need to find receipts worth £7 or more that have not been claimed on 10 different occasions to get the maximum reward.

3 Chillies = Green Reward: ¼ chicken, or any Fire-Starter (excluding Altogether Now and Wing Roulette)

6 Chillies = Orange Reward: ½ chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta (excluding steak products, Chicken Thighs, Chicken Wings, Chicken Butterfly, Sunset Burger, Butterfly Burger)

10 Chillies = Red Reward: a whole chicken, or any single combination meal with regular sides (excluding steak products, Double Chicken Burger/Pitta/Wrap + 1 or 2 regular sides).

Wombling Boots Advantage Points At Boots

I feel like Boots really started the loyalty scheme chaos that we’ve all come to know and love today.

So, it should come as no surprise that wombling Boots receipts to claim back Boots Advantage points has made it onto this list.

The card is physical although they slowly but surely seem to be moving into an online / application based system. So you’ll need to ask for the points manually adding on by a staff member in store.

For every £1 spent in Boots you will receive 4 Boots points. While you can redeem these points at any time of year they seem to go further in the fourth quarter when Boots puts on great bonus promotions for those looking to exchange their points for presents in the three-for-two Christmas sale.

5 thoughts on “A Guide To Wombling Receipts”

    1. The Mini Millionaire

      Yeah, but I work off the idea that there going to glance, make a comment, and move on completely forgetting about it. In the meantime I’ve wracked up some serious $$$ there’s a few groups dedicated to this thing where you can see the sport in action 😉

  1. Just found your brilliant site, hopefully I can pick up some tips , I started wombling a few weeks ago and have come up with a problem the apg website is only letting me print out 10 a month, how can I get around this, is it 10 per person or household a month any ideas, thankyou.

    1. Hi Marlene,

      I’m glad you’re finding this site useful! In regards to the APG’s I’d advice asking friends and family if you can use their details.


      Cora 🙂

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