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Answered: How Does Topcashback Work?

I've been asked “How does Topcashback work?” more times than I can count.

Topcashback has been around for about a decade now (I can't honestly believe I'm saying that) and for some unknown reason, it's never featured on The Mini Millionaire.

That is until now.

I guess for a long time I guessed that people knew all about TopCashBack along with the amazing benefits that a cashback site offers.

However, I've recently found out that many people don't know how Topcashback works, or why it's a necessity when shopping online!

Sign Up For A TopCashBack Account

First things first you're going to want to sign up for a completely FREE TopCashBack account.

Doing so couldn't be quicker or easier, simply click on the link. Type in your email address, choose a password and click the join now button.

Once you click the ‘Join Now' button you can expect to receive an email almost instantly from the team at TopCashBack asking you to verify your email address. Be sure to check this hasn't gone to your junk or spam folder.

Once you've confirmed your email address you're in and your set and ready to go!

Account Overview

This is the account overview page. It's the page you are redirected to when you log in and can be accessed by clicking on the ‘My Account' button on the top right-hand side (next to travel hub and offers).

On the overview page you can see how much you have outstanding (this is money that can currently be withdrawn from your bank account).

As well as this under the paid section you can see how much money you've had (so far) paid into your bank account from TopCashBack, in this case, it's £80.05. Giving us a total of £80.30.

Searching For A Retailer

With thousands of retailers participating in the TopCashBack scheme finding the right retailer can sometimes feel overwhelming.

However, it doesn't have to be. On the top right-hand corner of every page, there is the search bar. You can search merchants in here as shown in the screenshot below.

If you're not really fussed about a specific retailer and instead just fancy browsing to see whats on offer. Then you can do so using the categories in green on the navigation bar at the top.

CashBack Notifier

In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget about using TopCashBack. However, with the help of the Cashback notifier, you can be sure you get cashback every single time.

The cashback notifier works within your browser to alert you when you visit a retailer that offers cashback with Topcashback.

Retailer Page

Once you've decided on the retailer you would like to shop with navigating to their page within TopCashBack. It will look something like this one;

In this case, you can see the retailer, the retailers logo and the cashback percentage that they are offering.

The Build-A-Bear retailer, they are offering 4.2% cashback for existing customers and 6.3% cashback for new customers.

In order to get any cashback, you must visit the site using the big pink ‘Get Cashback Now' button and follow the terms and conditions for that particular merchant.

The terms and conditions are likely to differ between retailers so be sure to scroll down the page slightly and check the terms before proceeding with your purchase.

After Your Purchase / Receiving Your Cashback

In most instances, TopCashBack will report your payment to the retailer within hours.

From there it can take anything from days to weeks to verify and complete into a state in which you are able to withdraw it into your bank account.

Again, this is something that varies among retailers.

How To Withdraw From TopCashBack

Once your payment has been processed you're probably going to want to withdraw your funds.

Getting the money out of TopCashBack is much easier than many expect it to be. Simply navigate to the dashboard and then in the tab underneath click payout.

Here you can see that the £0.25 that I mentioned earlier in the account overview are available to be withdrawn into either my bank account via bacs or directly into my PayPal account.

Reward Wallet

TopCashBack is constantly looking to improve its service to its customers and the reward wallet is somewhere I feel that they excel.

Here you can convert your cash earnings into vouchers and be given more cash in return.

The number of retailers and the percentage of an increase you can receive from converting your vouchers is always going up.

Below is just a small sample and the amount gives you an idea of how much more you can receive by converting your cash.

I know many people who store their TopCashBack paid amount up until around November and then trade them in for a number of vouchers to help with their Christmas shopping.

Afterall, it's money for nothing! (well you have to spend the money in the first place but you get what I mean…)

Hints & Tips

There are some ‘tricks' of the trade that can be used alongside Matched Betting and TopCashBack that should be done at your own risk. However, they can provide to be rather fruitful.

I say do so at your own risk as not all retailers will honour both a cashback and an offer in which you are able to take advantage of the matched betting system.

However, you may, in fact, find retailers that you have yet to sign up for an account from that can leave you in profit by gambling with. Again be sure to read the full terms and conditions before doing so and you do this at your own risk! 

TopCashBack Problems / Complaints

If you're having some trouble with TopCashBack then you can get in touch with the team. In the past when a purchase I have made hasn't tracked I've got in touch with them to find out why or if it's just lost or what not.

Contacting the team is really easy. Simply go to the very top of any page and click on the ‘Help' button. It's slightly to the left of the centre of the page.

Inside the help page, you'll find things such as frequently asked questions (there are so many frequently asked questions it's amazing!) alongside a search feature.

Using the search feature to see if your question has already been asked and answered is a great way to save yourself some time and unnecessary hassle when contacting the team.

If you find that the frequently asked questions don't answer your question then you're able to submit a ticket to the team. You can do this by click on the ‘I need to submit a support ticket' at the very bottom of the help page.

Alternatively, find the direct link to TopCashBack customer support / TopCashBack ticket submission. 

Once you're on the submit a support ticket page you can input all kinds of details about the issue you are facing.

You'll also be able to see that on the right-hand side you can navigate to open and closed tickets.

Your open tickets are the ones that are still in the process of being resolved by either you or the team.

The closed tickets are the tickets that have been fully completed and rectified with a solution.

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