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How To Get A Makro Card Without Being A Business

Are you looking at how to get a Makro card without being a business? – Here's the trick…

Makro is one of the largest and most popular wholesalers in the UK and has recently joined the Booker group.

To get a Makro card you'll now have to sign up through Booker (the two companies seem to be using one main database for customers who then have access to both Booker and Makro wholesale locations)

Unlike getting a Costco card, to become a Makro customer you need to be either a business or a charity. However, we have managed to find a totally legal workaround.

Shopping Online With Makro

The workaround to needing a Makro card to shop at Makro is to shop online.

By purchasing products from Makro online you don't need to present any form of identification or proof of business etc.

You don't need a Makro card to shop online.

All this means is that you can take advantage of the bulk trade deals that are on offer to Makro customers without being a business.

It's worth noting that there are some in-store offers that you won't be eligible for.

Is Makro Cheaper Than The Supermarkets?

However, is Makro really where you want to be shopping as a personal consumer?

I decided to find out if having a Makro membership allows you to buy food cheaper than the supermarkets by comparing four products Makro sold to the leading names on our high street.

Yorkshire Tea

I'm from Yorkshire, so there's only one tea bag I was going to check. At Makro a 3kg bag of Yorkshire tea containing 1,200 teabags is £18.49.

That works out at £0.015 a teabag.

With a Makro membership you can buy items in bulk at a reduced cost.

A quick check on MySupermarket found that the cheapest store currently stocking Yorkshire Tea was Morrisons who were selling 240 teabags for £4.00. That works out at £0.016 a teabag.

This would make 1,200 teabags purchased from Morrisons £20.00 compared to the purchase price of £18.49 at Makro.

Haribo Starmix

Whether it's Halloween or a kids party, Haribo Starmix are always a hit!

These tend to RRP at £0.10 per bag however, Makro is selling 100 bags for £6.23 making them just £0.06 per bag.

A quick check on MoneySupermarket confirmed my suspicions. The best offer is at Tesco where you can buy 6 bags for £0.50 making them £0.08 a bag.

Either way, 100 bags at Tesco would cost you £8.33 which is £2.10 more than at Makro.

Toilet Rolls

I'm not a huge fan of branded toilet rolls, however, I knew it was the best chance I had of finding a real comparison so here we have some Andrex toilet roll from Makro.

It's a family pack of 16 rolls and costs £7.79 that's a cost of £0.48 a roll.

However, a pack of 18 is currently on offer at Tesco for just £6.00. This works out at £0.33 a roll and is a saving of £2.76 per 18 rolls.

Of our three items, Makro came in the cheapest for two, and the supermarkets came in cheapest for one.

However, I don't know about you but I hate shopping around a little too much I mean going to Makro then to Morrisons and Asda etc. is going to be a bit of a waste of time (not to mention) petrol for the savings I'm going to receive.

So, for one final test, I compared baskets.

I decided to purchase;

18x Andrex Toilet Rolls
1,200x Yorkshire Tea Bags
100x of Haribo Star Mix

The basket at Makro would cost: £33.48

The basket at Tesco would cost: £44.33

The basket at Asda would cost: £53.70

The basket at Morrisons would cost: £37.00

Of course, this is just a sample of three products. It's really going to depend on what you're buying using your Makro membership.

However, it's a great example of just how much money you might be able to save by shopping online and in bulk at Makro.

All prices are correct on the date of publication. Prices do not include delivery charges that would apply to any online orders.

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