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Responding To Negative Feedback On eBay – The Complete Guide

Are you looking to respond to negative feedback you've received on eBay? – Regardless of how perfectly you might have photographed, described or posted the item you still might recieve negative feedback from the buyer.

Sadly, things can happen that are out of our (the seller's control). To make matters worse, this is the internet and reactions can often be significantly more extreme than what you might recieve in a face to face transaction.

In this post, we'll be discussing how to respond to negative feedback on eBay.

Hopefully, be implementing these strategies below you'll be able to get the feedback removed.

Request The Removal Of Negative Feedback

If a buyers feedback on eBay is seen as unjustified, inaccurate or with malice intentions then eBay will remove the feedback.

Speaking from personal experience, I've seen eBay remove negative feedback that is both within and outside of these guidelines.

Therefore, contacting eBay via live chat and requesting the removal of the feedback is always my first port of call, regardless of the situation, comments etc.

Contact The Buyer

If eBay are unable to remove the feedback then you'll want to try to contact the buyer.

In some cases, you'll have already spoken to the buyer.

They may have already threatened to leave negative feedback or have voiced their concerns prior to leaving the feedback.

If you've had this communication, and you believe there's a gateway in resolving the transaction then contact them and follow the method of communication below.

If there's no response after a single follow up, then it's time to move onto the next strategy.

If there's been no communication between yourself and the buyer then message them. However, keep in mind that this is all damage limitation.

If the buyer hasn't specified in the feedback comments as to why the negative feedback has been left then you'll want to ask why the feedback has been left before following up with the response message below.

Things to cover in your message to the buyer;

Why the transaction went wrong – i.e. I have been ill so the item was posted late, I got to the post office late so it had to be posted the following day.

Why this won't happen again – i.e. I've learnt from this experience and now I plan to always go to the post office prior to 3 pm rather than leaving it last minute.

What you can do to fix their problem – i.e. I am more than happy to refund you half the cost of the item as a way of an apology.

While explaining how you plan to fix their problem (consider offering multiple solutions) you could also ask for the feedback removing.

Provide details on how the user can remove the feedback easily, and the impact it will have upon your business them doing so.

This doesn't always work, you may end up compensating the buyer and them not removing the feedback. However, it's the risk you've got to take to try and secure the removal of negative feedback in this way.

Publicly Replying To Feedback

eBay permits sellers to reply to negative and neutral feedback, however, there's a heated debate as to whether or not you should.

Personally, we don't bother.

We only get one or two negative/neutral feedback every 12 months, and after 12 months all feedback is removed. Therefore, we believe that a couple of negative compared to the hundreds of positive is relatively well balanced.

We believe that replying to the negative and neutral feedback highlights the situation further.

However, if you do choose to reply to the feedback publicly remember that all future customers have the ability to see this comment, and therefore, the customer is always right!

Whether you believe it or not!

Learn From Your Mistakes

If the negative comments are justified regardless of what happened or who is to blame (it may be the shipping company’s fault for instance) then take ownership of the issue.

Look for alternative items to sell, ways to manage communication, whatever the comments maybe look for a way to improve for future customers if the comments are just.

That way you're going to minimise the chance of the situation repeating itself.

Preventing negative and neutral feedback is far easier than trying to get it removed afterwards.

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