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How To Get A Costco Card


You often hear about people having bought amazing things at incredible prices from Costco. With so much available to shop for with Costco, it can be a shoppers playground and yo often come out with something you didn’t go in for. How do you go about being able to shop with Costco though? Well, to start with, you need a card. So for this blog post we’re running through the process of how to get a Costco card. You might also be interested in how to get a Makro card without being a business.

How You Can Shop With Costco

There are two ways that you can shop with Costco. The first is to create an online only annual subscription. This means that you can shop with Costco online for twelve months. The subscription cost s £15 (inc VAT) and you can renew it at your next purchase after it expires. You also have the option to convert your online only annual subscription into a full warehouse membership. In order to shop in the Costco stores, you know the warehouses stocked high with products you both need and don’t know you need, you require a membership. There are different memberships available here, both Trade and Individual. Trade costs £22 + VAT for a year and Individual costs £28 + VAT. These can both me upgraded to the Costco Executive membership programme. With the Executive membership (which costs £56 + VAT for Trade Executive or £62 + VAT for the Individual Executive) you earn rewards and can take advantage of many benefits. You can earn 2% of annual qualifying purchases back as a reward.

What Can You Buy At Costco?

Before figuring our what Costco card you want to buy, you need to look at the types of things you might be buying from the store. What can you actually buy from Costco? If you can think of it, you can most probably buy it from Costco. From tea and coffee to treadmills. Garden sheds to outdoor heating. Tyres, pressure washes, mattresses, jewellery, laptops, ovens and so much more. This includes CCTV systems, children’s toys and if you haven’t tried a Costco cake, you haven’t lived! For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, did you know that Costco has it’s own professional Optometrists? You can join Costco Optical and NHS patients are welcomed too.

Other Costco Services

Did you know you can also do your grocery shopping and get it delivered? From well known brands to products you may not have seen before, your shopping can be delivered for only £5.99. Costco Travel allows you to book car hire and even worldwide guided holidays. If your shopping with Costco online, be sure to click the ‘whats new’ and ‘hot buys’ tabs which will reveal plenty of great offers to you. Looking at those right now you can get car ports, nursery furniture and carpet cleaners at great prices. If shopping in the warehouse, you’ll likely come across these items too. Where else can you buy a telescope and some orange juice at the same time?

What Is The Costco Concierge Service?

As mentioned already, you can buy televisions and other electronic goods from Costco, both online and in their warehouses. With this, Costco offer their Concierge Service of free technical support to it’s members. They will help you with tech support for any computers, white goods, cameras, tablets, security cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players and much more that you have bought from them. You need to have your name, membership number, item number (from receipt), item details (description, make, model and serial number) and purchase date ready before you call the freephone number. Costco also upgrade the manufacturer’s warranty on TVs and projectors to five years from the purchase date. A two year manufacturer’s warranty extension is available for computers, tablets, white goods and some other electronic products. There is also a 90 day returns policy on these goods, including smart watches!

Buying From Costco In Bulk & Volume

Did you know that you can buy in bulk and volume from Costco? For bulk buying, Costco welcomes enquiries from both domestic and international market traders. This includes automotive products, electronics, beer, baby products, office, sundries and so much more. Buying in volume is open to all Costco members. Discounts for volume sales vary because of shipping requirements and product selection. Costco say the following about the best way to maximise savings on a volume order are. The more efficiently we can process a large order, the bigger the member savings. Items are generally sold by the pallet or truckload. Other merchandise may also require minimum-order thresholds. Please enquire with your Customer Care representative when purchasing.

Who Can Apply for A Costco Card?

There are a few hurdles in place in order to qualify for your Costco card. You have to match some membership criteria in order to have one. To begin with, you must be 18 years or older. Membership is subject to any and all rules adopted by Costco and these can be changed without notice. There are many membership terms and conditions outlined here which you need to read before applying. One of the massive benefits of having a card though, is that you can then shop at any Costco in the world.

Costco Card Conclusion

Getting a Costco card is possible for a whole range of different people. Depending on your needs and wants, the company have a membership which is suitable for you. They have great access to online shopping as well as visiting their warehouses to shop in person. The customer care Costco offer means you can be sure of the best possible after care when buying your products. Whether you’re a business looking for deals on tea and coffee for the kitchen in your office, or a market trader looking to buy in bulk, you can access great products at brilliant prices. Individuals can do their weekly shop there too, as well as buy new products for home improvements and obviously the phenomenal cake for parties. Sign up today for your Costco card.

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