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How Do You Start Selling Lego?

There are many people out there making a living from selling Lego. Others do it to supplement their income and some people just have bricks in their loft that they want to get rid of. You can make some great money by selling Lego. The amount you can make varies depending on what you’re selling. How do you start selling Lego though and how much money can you actually make from doing it?

Do Your Research

One of the first things to hammer home to you is that you must do your research. You don’t want to sell Lego pieces that are worth a lot, for next to nothing. Similarly, if you’re interested in buying to resell, you don’t want to buy sets which won’t make any money or won’t sell because they are so common. Research is key when you’re selling Lego. Research is your friend.

Selling By Weight

If you have Lego in your loft that you want to get rid of, or that your children no longer play with, you can sell it by weight. To begin with you need to make sure that there are no pieces which are worth a lot of money. Once you’ve made sure that the pieces are just normal pieces, you can bag them up by weight and get them sold. If you want an easy payout you can sell Lego by weight to Music Magpie and Zapper. You won’t get a lot of money but at least you’ll get rid of it for cash. Alternatively you can put it on eBay. You can easily list at at £20 including delivery. There are lots of sponsored listings on there for £22.99, so listing at around about £20 should gain some interest from potential buyers. You need to take into account how much it will cost to post it to the buyer and with Royal Mail and courier services on the rise, that will eat into your profits if you list with free delivery. You’ll also face eBay fees so try and sell on £1 listing weekends. This means you only pay a maximum of £1 for every listing sold, instead of the usual 10% of the price it sells at.

Selling Lego Sets

People love buying Lego sets. If you put your sets in your loft a few years ago, they’re likely worth a fair bit. They might not even be available any more. By simply using the set number on the side of the box you can type it into somewhere like eBay and see how much it’s selling for. You need to make sure you describe the set’s condition when you list it. Even if it’s missing a piece you’ll still be able to sell it, you just need to inform potential buyers on your listing of this missing piece. You might be surprised at how much older Lego sets are worth and can sell for!

Buying To Resell

If you want to buy Lego to resell at a higher price, you need to hit a variety of factors in your purchasing. The first of those is price. Obviously, if you pay a lot of money for a set, the set has to sell for a lot in order for you to break even, let alone make profit. Lots of retailers have sales throughout the year and if you keep an eye out for good discounts, you can find great sets for fantastic prices. Another factor you need to take into consideration if the rarity of what you’re buying. Some sets have been discontinued, so if you can get you hands on one of those they’ll be worth a lot. Sets which are still available on the shelves are only really worth investing in if you manage to get them for a real bargain, so you can sell them at around about their usual retail price. You can also pick up Lego sets at charity shops and car boot sales. You’ll need to make sure they’re in good condition. You’ll likely pay a lot less and can often find some rare sets too.

Discover The World's Largest Lego Marketplace

As well as eBay, you can sell your colourful bricks and sets on the world’s largest Lego marketplace, called BrickLink. In order to use BrickLink you must first be a registered seller. After that there are three ways you can sell. You can add your items one at a time. You can upload a mass inventory via an XML file. Finally, you can add a set number, which is probably the easiest option. Buyers can browse Lego sets by category and items can be sold in both Used and New condition. Being a dedicated marketplace for Lego, you’ve already got an audience to sell to. It’s worth registering as a seller.

Watch Out For Scams

There are a number of scam sites out there. They advertise Lego sets for a fraction of the price they usually sell for. This can light up the eyes of a reseller but you need to go down the line of it, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. A quick Google search will give you the information you need about the site. If it’s one of these scam sites, steer well clear. They’re taking advantage of people by offering things which they’ll never send. Don’t give away your hard earned money to these horrible scammers.

Start Selling Lego

Now is the time to start selling Lego. You could turn it into a full time business. Maybe you want to simply clear that loft space which has been cluttered up with bricks for a long time. Many people simply send their Lego to a charity shop who then sell it on at a basic price. Whilst this is a great way to pick up Lego for reselling, you can earn a lot more by selling it online yourself. If you wanted to support the charity you could then split the profits with them. That amount is likely more than them just putting it out as part of the kids toy section. You might want to save your childhood Lego for your children but if you do want to part with it, now is the time to Lego.

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