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Bonus Accumulator Review 2020

The guys behind the incredible Profit Accumulator service have released a new product entirely dedicated to Casino offers.

Bonus Accumulator retails for the same cost as Profit Accumulator £17.99 a month or £150 for the year and provides users with access to walkthroughs and the latest casino offers.

If you’ve already got Profit Accumulator you may be wondering if the services overlap and whether or not subscribing to the two is really of value.

I plan to highlight this alongside this more general review of the service for those looking to an introduction into making money from casino offers.


Understanding the process behind casino offers is more digestible than traditional matched betting however, to ensure we understand the offers of value and maximise returns there are some things to learn.

The education is broken down into modules which you can refer back to at any time.

Sign Up Offers

There’s currently just short of 20 sign up offers on Bonus Accumulator.

I’ve seen all these offers previously and having been on Profit Accumulator a long time and completed all the ones I’m interested in.

These offers are perfect for beginners and come with walkthrough demonstration videos which you can easily follow step by step.

Alongside this, there are different buttons so you can mark your progress and a small table which provides you with the basic information about the offer.

Reload Offers

Much like any matched betting subscription service, you can make back your monthly cost with just one offer which makes signing up for a tool like this a no brainer.

At the time of writing, there are more than 75 reload offers on Bonus Accumulator, all with a positive EV.

I’ve not seen 90% of these offers previously, and much like the matched betting offers there are always new casino bonuses being featured with all the leg work of understanding the terms and finding the best slot done for you so you can just spend your time completing the offer.

I love not only seeing the EV of each offer but the amount I’d make per hour on average completing this offer.

For example, the offer above has an EV of £1.50 but at £9.00 we’d assume completing the offer is only going to take me 10 minutes or so.


In my opinion, the selling point to having Bonus Accumulator as a Profit Accumulator customer is the additional tools.

Long term users of Profit Accumulator will know that matched betting tools have come a long way and made understanding different offers and maximising returns much easier.

The same goes for the tools that are included with a Bonus Accumulator subscription.


The simulator tool can be used to simulate the estimated returns of an offer.

This is the tool that is used to calculate the EV (estimated value) of the offers on Bonus Accumulator but can also be used to simulate the results of individual user offers.

For example, if I get an email from Bet365 offering me deposit £100 get £100 free with wagering of £4,000 in total I can simulate that to see the returns.

Here you can see I’m staking £2 per spin with a slot RTP of 95%

On average (based on 1 million simulations) you can see I’d be estimated to loose £15.22.

What I loved probably even more than knowing I lose money was the fact that I found out how much time it’s estimated to take me to complete the offer!

Slots Database

The slots database allows you to search and filter by different slots, the RTP, variance and provider to find the right slot for each offer.

You can also use this information to input data into the simulator.

Blackjack Calculator

The Blackjack Calculator takes the Blackjack table you may have used to determine your actions previously and makes it more digestible.

With the simple click of a button, you can change the different rules of the game such as dealers position on 17 and surrenders.

While also inputting your cards and the dealers card to find out what your next move should be.

Putting Bonus Accumulator To The Test

I decided to put Bonus Accumulators tools and information to the test when completing a couple of offers myself to see how accurate things truly are.

Sign Up Offer

I found a sign-up offer I’d not previously done, with an EV of £5.69. Bonus Accumulator priced this as £22.76 an hour.

The simulator believed that I’d lose £0.01 on average from the Blackjack wagering.

Meanwhile, the Slots Database together again with the simulator believed I’d make £5.73.

I set a timer and began setting up my account and completing the offer.

After £10 on Blackjack at £1 per deal, my account was at £14.50. Almost 50% higher than the average.

From the free spins, I got £2.95 again almost 50% down on the average that the simulator gave me.

In total, it took me 10 minutes 54 seconds to complete the offer (including signing up for the account) which is on par with what was suggested.

I made a profit of £7.45. That’s £1.76 more than the EV.

Email Offer

I decided next to use Bonus Accumulator tools against one of the many promotional emails I’d recently been sent to determine whether or not it was a worthwhile offer.

This is a custom offer and wasn’t featured on Bonus Accumulator. It’ll likely have been sent because I qualify for the offer having not logged in or placed any bets in a long period of time, or are seen as a high-value customer.

The offer includes 20 free spins and then an additional 50 free spins if you deposit a further £20.

Sadly, this particular slot wasn’t on the slots database.

However, I did manage to find the RTP from the Netbet site and put that and the additional information into the simulator.

This estimates than from the 20 free spins I’d receive £2.98.

However, this was post wagering – we don’t actually know what it would be from the initial free spins.

From the initial free spins, I won £23.50. Which is I imagine significantly more than average.

I ran the simulator to see how long it would take me to wager £940 (£23.50 winnings x 40 for wagering) at £0.25 a spin and it suggested 3 hours (although I’d on average bust out after 1)

Unwilling to spend the 3 hours I went up to £1.00 spins and bust out relatively quickly.

While the simulation averages aren’t always correct, (after all, they are averages) it’s great to be able to use and adjust the tools to fit the circumstances.

I then went on to complete the £20 deposit for the additional 50 spins.

The simulation suggested I would get an EV of £0.13 and it would take me 1 hour and 3 minutes to complete.

After the deposit with code, I found the bonus hadn’t been added. So I span the slot 1 time for £0.25 to see if it would trigger. It didn’t.

So, I went to live chat.

It wasn’t the best end result.


If you feel comfortable doing casino bonus offers then I think Bonus Accumulator is a worthwhile subscription even if you have Profit Accumulator.

The additional reload offer sources allow you to make your monthly subscription back within a couple of hours.

For those of us with additional time on our hands the tools allow us to learn more about the offers and simulate different outcomes from different inputs – being a super nerd, this is perhaps a bigger selling point to me than the offers alone.

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