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DIY Kids Pamper Party

Children's parties have changed a little bit over the last few years. Whilst some parents go down the traditional route of a sports hall, some running around and plenty of jelly and ice cream, kids have started to want other things. With the popularity of games consoles, gaming parties are now a huge thing. So are Nerf parties which you might need that aforementioned hall hire for. Your little princesses might want a pamper party. Getting their friends together to all enjoy some makeup and nail painting, whilst feeling fabulous and acting like they're much older than they really are! They can be quite expensive though as there are companies who will help you put on such an event. However, have you considered a DIY kids pamper party? Not only will it save you some money, you can make it more specific and tailored to what the birthday girl wants. 

How to host a DIY kids pamper party

First of all, figure out how long it's going to last. Is it an afternoon, or is it an early evening and sleepover? Depending on the age of your birthday girl and the guests, it might sway what you want to get up to. Also, just how much supervision is required. Youngsters will need you around that little bit more whereas older guests might want a little bit more freedom. You can easily host a DIY kids pamper party at home. Use the lounge and spruce up their bedroom too, especially if a sleepover is involved. You can have some great food plated up and mocktails ready to be enjoyed. Of course, lots of pamper goodies to be used throughout the party! Music on a playlist from your favourite streaming service, pizza takeaway on order and a fantastic film to enjoy are all great too.

kids pamper party

From the invitation to saying goodbye

For your DIY kids pamper party you'll need invitations for the guests. No one will arrive without being asked! Then you need nibbles, plenty of juice, music, films, make up and make up remover! Consider what you'll actually be doing. You can't just start plastering kids faces with make up. You need a range of things that will help to them feel pampered.

If the guests are staying over for the night, make sure the bedroom and beds are all looking fabulous. Add some fairy lights and you've got a fantastic space for people to fall asleep. Make sure there is some good breakfast items for the morning after too!

Take some amazing photos during the party as well. You can even print them off when they're asleep to pop in their party bags. Capture funny moments of face packs, nail polish, pedicures. Laughter is infectious and there will be lots of it, as well as cucumber of eyes! They'll love to relive the party through lots of photos. 

Add a craft they can take home

If you have time to kill, you can even incorporate a kids craft that they can take home as their goody bag. Maybe personalising their own makeup case. Or putting together their own range of make up. Perhaps coming up with a brand name that they can create stickers with and add to their make up samples that you provide. Sometimes parties can go on a bit or some of the guests don't want to get involved in certain parts of it. You need to ensure that kids have something else to do if they get bored. A craft is a great way to do this. There will also be times during he kids pamper party where people are left with nothing to do. A craft table can be a wonderful addition to the party. 

kids pamper party

Use your in-the-know friends

Don't be afraid to all in a favour of two for your DIY kids pamper party. If you have friends or loved ones who are good at makeup and the like, get them involved. Mum can make the drinks, Dad can serve the food, Auntie Stacey can do the nail polish and your neighbour Emilie can apply the soothing face masks. When the kids all retreat to the bedroom to perhaps watch a movie, you can enjoy a bottle of wine together. Maybe even do your own nails! Getting your friends involved also lets you have some fun. Not getting too stressed with having nine or ten kids in your house, using your make up and accidentally spilling the mocktails all over you new lounge rug.

Take some of the cost out of a birthday party by throwing your own DIY kids pamper party this year. Everyone will enjoy the occasion and you'll likely set some trends and see other kids opting for such an event. Your child will adore the effort you've gone to and remember their party forever. 

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