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Cheap World Book Day costumes for adults

If you love books and want your kids to love books, World Book Day is always worth celebrating. Celebrated every March, on the first Thursday of the month, it's an opportunity to dive into the wonder of books. Stories take your imagination to all new levels. The amazement of reading is an incredible privilege and being able to have access to books is spectacular. Kids love World Book Day but it's a great time for grown ups too. Who would you dress up as? What character is your all time favourite? Let's take a look at some cheap world book day costumes for adults.

What exactly is World Book Day?

World Book Day is designed to change lives through a love of books and shared reading. They promote the benefits of reading, the wonder of books and offer young people the opportunity to have a story book of their very own. Did you know that World Book Day takes place in more than 100 countries all around the world? The importance of reading is something we must not forget. They say that reading for pleasure is single biggest indicator of a child’s future success, more than income or parents education. The World Book Day team have a lot of exciting things coming up for 2021. “We’re so pleased to share the new World Book Day Book Club and Share a Story corner, as well as the exciting new line-up for 2021’s £1 books. We hope we can encourage even more children to get involved in reading for pleasure with our Share a Story live events and also fun interactive Book Club sessions!”

Where can you find cheap World Book Day costumes for adults?

So now we know what it's all about, hopefully you'll agree it's worth celebrating. Books are for everyone, for ever. Parents, group leaders and teachers can all enjoy the excitement and fun of World Book Day by dressing up. Whilst it's a great event to be part of, you likely don't want to spend a lot of money on your outfit. So where can you find ideas for cheap world book day costumes for adults? The internet is a great place to start, but maybe even before than you should think about your favourite book. Your favourite story book might have the ideal character for you to dress up as. You might even have some parts of what you need for a costume already in your wardrobe. 

Appropriate ideas for school

There are loads of awesome ideas for cheap world book day costumes for adults, especially if you're a teacher. Teachers have loads of impact on reading and making it fun via dressing up is a great way to help. A simple stripy top and some glasses turns you into Wally from the Where's Wally books. A green hat and a bow & arrow, you're Robin Hood! A cardigan and an eye mask turns you into Gangsta Granny! Some face paint for whiskers, bunny ears and a blue jacket turns you into Peter Rabbit. Combine a black cape, scarf & a scar mark on the fore head to transform into Harry Potter. There are loads of super simple but highly effective ideas which your pupils will love! You could even team up with another teacher to become The Twits, The Midnight Gang or maybe even all the entire pack of colours from The Day The Crayons Quit.

Novel ideas for work or a night out

How about taking the awesome idea of World Book Day to the office, on a night out or even on your stag or hen do? Dress up as Little Red Riding Hood. Make her a little bit sexy if you're going out on the town. Superheroes are perfect as graphic novels are indeed books! Choose your world, Marvel or DC and then pick your character. We're thinking Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman from the DC world. Maybe Captain America, Hulk or Spider-Man from Marvel. Maybe even Miles Morales! Superhero dress up is great for a stag party as well! Take your costume to the next level, without having to spend too much cash. Swashbuckling Pirates will take your story to the high seas. A Wicked Witch costume is perfect too, as is the Queen Of Hearts and any princesses from the world of Disney.

Use & reuse

Whatever you get for World Book Day, you can use and reuse over the next few years. You might have fancy dress events or New Year's Eve parties where the hosts are encouraging dressing up. By having some cheap world book day costumes for adults in your wardrobe or the drawer under your bed, you'll be able to pretty much dress up on demand. Not quite as speedy as Superman in a phone box, but still fairly quick! You don't have to spend a lot of money to encourage reading this World Book Day. But encouraging reading is something that will leave you feeling extremely content. Happy reading!

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