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Where is the best place to sell clothes online UK?

Are you thinking about clearing out your wardrobe in the New Year? Have you accumulated far too many clothes and you can't shut your set of drawers? we so often have far too many clothes because we see them for a great price and can't say no. The fact remains that you can only wear one set of clothes at a time. If we have outfits all over the place, we can do often end up with decision fatigue. What will you wear, when will you wear it? Then there's the washing of it all! The drying too! Is it time to take your clear out to the next level and properly whittle down the amount of clothes you own? If this is the case, where is the best place to sell clothes online UK? Let's take a look at some of the best!

What are you selling?

The first thing to do is to organise what you're actually want to sell. Go through all of your clothing and sort out into two piles. Sell and keep. The ones you are keeping, fold up nicely and pop back in your drawers and wardrobe. This will hopefully help you to have much more organised and ordered storage. With the sell pile, you need to ensure everything is clean and ready to be sold. How are you now going to sell everything? If you have similar brands you could create bundles which might be more appealing to potential buyers. Designer dresses and hand bags will easily sell individually. 

best place to sell clothes online uk

Take decent photographs

Next is to take photographs of your items. Wherever you sell them online, you'll ned decent photos to show off exactly what is for sale. Make sure to have a number of different shots of the garments. Use hangers, get close ups of labels and ensure that any damage is photographed so people know what they're buying. Get plenty of different shots of each item as different sites, which we'll get onto, allow you to upload different amounts of photos. Use the maximum amount you can on each of these places to give a well rounded view of what you're selling. Once you're photographs are taken, we need to figure out where you'll sell. Where the best place to sell clothes online UK are for your items?

Be aware of fees

Some sites charge you to sell your items online. This is understandable. They take a cut in order to keep their site or app maintained. This is how they make money. Sites like eBay are a great place to sell unwanted clothes. However, you'll find yourself being hit with fees for using it. You need to ensure that the price you charge, once fees are applied, is a price you're happy with. Take into account postage fees as well. You don't want to list something with £1.50 postage fees and then discover it costs £4.50 to post it. That's £3 of profit lost, which, if it's only sold for £4, gives you hardly anything for all the trouble of selling your garments. 

best place to sell clothes online uk

Use free sites

There are free sites that you can use  and these can be the best place to sell clothes online UK. If you are on Facebook, the Marketplace service it offers allows you to list items for free. You can get paid cash in hand when buyers collect. This means you keep all the money from the price you set for the item of clothing. Some buyers might ask you to deliver locally but you don't have to. You can say that it is collection only and then you're clearing out your under bed storage without having to even leave the house! Gumtree is also free to list, but it might charge you for extra functions should you want them. Free sites are perfect when you're selling things because you get to keep all of the cash!

Download an app or two

There are a number of apps available these days where you can sell your clothes. You might have seen some of them advertised. Some of them charge fees but some are completely free. They will connect you with people who are actually searching for the type of clothes that you're selling. Some of them are perfect for vintage clothes too so you'll likely get the price you're looking for from other vintage fans. You an also keep up to date with sales and enquiries as the app is right there in the palm of your hand. Even on the go its great to see what is selling from your massive pile of clothes you're getting rid of. Keep an eye out for apps like Depop and Vinted. 

Have You Consider A Capsule Wardrobe?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of clothes you own. Even after finding the best place to sell clothes online UK, you might think you still have too many. One of the ways you can cut back even further is to start a capsule wardrobe. This is where you have a completely minimal amount of clothes. There are less decisions to make and you know all the items that are in your clothes, fit properly, are in your size and work well for your lifestyle. Would you like one less decision in the morning, less clutter and more money in your savings? There are many benefits of a minimalist wardrobe

However much you have to get rid of, the clothes you have in your ‘for sale' pile have value. They are worth selling in order to give yourself some money in the bank. If you want to avoid online altogether, ask in a WhatsApp group chat is any of your friends want to buy any of your outfits. Organise your items, photograph them well and list them on free sites to get the most cash you possibly can. What will you do with all that money you're about to make from clearing our your wardrobe? Get to it, clear out those drawers and make some cash!

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