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The Best Matched Betting Sites – Which Site Is Right For You?

Looking for the best matched betting sites?

There are a lot more matched betting sites than there was when I started Matched Betting five years ago, so it can be hard to find the right one to assist you in your matched betting journey.

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In this article, I've taken the most popular matched betting sites and broken down the features to help you find the best matched betting site for you.

Best Matched Betting Sites: Quick Breakdown

Site NamePriceSupportForumSign Up Offer
Odds Monkey£17.99 per monthYesYesFree trail of three sign up offers to make up to £56 profit
Profit Accumulator£17.99 per monthYesYesFree trail to make up to £45 profit
Profit Maximiser£116.40 per yearYesFacebook GroupFree Trail For 2 Weeks For £1
Profit Squad£18.00 per monthYesDiscord14 days access to the site for £1
MatchedBets£18.00 per monthYesYes£1 trail for 14 days

Odds Monkey

OddsMonkey is the most prolific matched betting sites on the market. It's been in operation for over five years, covers a range of offers and as a result of its popularity has an incredibly active on-site forum.

OddsMonkey Odds Monkey

The beginner's tutorials are incredibly comprehensive and the site is easy to navigate with additional tools to help you maximise your profit and track your success.

Odds Monkey has a free trial that includes three free sign-up offers that provide you with the potential to earn up to £56.

Once completed you can sign up on a monthly basis for £17.99 or pay for the year upfront for £150 (this works out at just £12.50 per month)

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Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is a mirror image of Odds Monkey in my opinion. It's been going for around the same amount of time, has a similar number of members and a very similar service offerings for long-term members and beginners.

ProfitAccumulator Profit Accumulator

There's a whole host of training materials, fantastic support from the staff and a highly interactive forum.

The signup offer is slightly different in that the free trial includes access to two offers which makes around £45. With full access costing £17.99 a month or £150 for the year.

Sign Up To Profit Accumulator

Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser doesn't have the clean-cut layout similar to Odds Monkey or Profit Accumulator. Instead, it can look a little spammy, however, once you're past the sign-up page and into the dashboard of the members site the layout does improve.

There's no on-site forum with Profit Maximiser, instead the community is part of a Facebook group – not ideal for those wanting to avoid social media sites.

The site doesn't offer monthly payment and instead requires a year paid in advance, however, there is a 14 day trial for just £1.00 so you can check you like the site enough before making that rather large commitment.

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Profit Squad

Profit Squad has the formatting of Odds Monkey and Profit Accumulator but not quite the large audience that the other two have.

The forum is within a Discord at the moment, which may be confusing to set up for some – and is likely to be required both for new and highly experienced matched bettors alike.

Profit Squad is available for a 14 day trial for £1 and then costs either £150 for the year or £18 per month.

Personally, with no financial benefits or additional service offerings from Profit Squad, I'd be more likely to stick with it's two mainstream competitors.

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Finally, we have MatchedBets, which is the cheapest option at £15 a month or £119 for the year.

MatchedBets has a 14-day free trial for just £1.00 to help you decide whether this is the right matched betting site for you.

I personally found this to be the best choice after OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator. However, whether the £3 saving per month is enough to tempt you away from these main choices is down to you.

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