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How To Make £1000 A Month Matched Betting

Today I'm going to share with you how you can make £1000 a month matched betting.

Of course, no two weeks are the same in matched betting. You can have good weeks, you can have great weeks and you can have meh weeks.

However, it's a law of averages and over the 52 weeks of the year by completing these offers you should average out at £12,000.

As reloads seem to get the most slack, I'm ignoring the introductory offers and jumping straight into the shoes of someone who already has every betting account known to man / the matched betting world.

To learn about the specifics about each of these bets and to make the most of all the latest up to date offers then you'll want to sign up to Profit Accumulator.

Membership costs just £17.99 a month or £150 for the year (based on this post you'll make back the cost of a one years membership in just 5 days)

2nd Place Horse Racing: £50

More often than not this is available 7 days a week on one set of races at a particular course.

With around 8 races per day, 7 days a week over 5 bookies that's 280 opportunities to hit up to a £25 free bet.

Hit 3 of these in a week and you should make around £50 from your free bets after covering your qualifying losses and commission.

Saturday Horse Racing Offer: £40

On a Saturday one bookie offers a £50 risk free bet on the next ITV race if your horse finishes first and at odds of 5.0 plus.

Hit this just once on any of the eight or so races and you'll net yourself around £40 after commission and qualifying loss.

Special 2nd Place Offer: £15

Another bookie often run a £20 promotion on the first race of the day every day. Sometimes it'll be if your horse finishes second, other times it'll be if the favourite doesn't win.

Hit this once a week and you'll net yourself around £15 after commission and qualifying losses.

Bore Draw: £40

Many bookies run what's often known as a ‘bore draw' promotion. Back a specific category (check the terms of each bookie but it's usually correct score, first goalscorer etc.) and if the game ends 0 – 0 and your bet looses then get your money back as a free bet.

The amount offered will vary but can often be as much as £50. Keep your betting profile in mind when choosing the amount you'd like to place on this offer. So hit it once a week with a £50 or twice with 2 £25 and you'll be looking at around £40 profit after you're qualifying losses and commission.

Casino: £20

Most of the mainstream bookies offer Casino promotions. My favourite have to be Blackjack provided you follow the terms as shown within Profit Accumulator.

These offers aren't usually risk-free but can come with a great reward. So, complete them responsibly and you should net yourself around £20 a week.

Bet £25 Get £5: £4.50

Get a free £5 bet every week provided you spend £25. This is usually applied on a Monday. You can use this in conjunction with offer offers making it zero percent commission.

Bet ‘x' on Accas Get ‘x' as a Free Bet: £35

‘Bet x on Accas get x as a free bet'. The amount on offer varies depending on bookies. You'll have to place so much on accumulator bets throughout the week and you'll be given so much as a free bet on the following week.

Complete just three or so of these and you'll be expected to receive around £35 in free bets after your qualifying loss and commission.

Money-Back If One Team Lets You Down: £40

Most of the mainstream bookmakers offer this as a promotion for accumulator bets with legs of 4 or more (check the bookie for the terms). Watch my video below for more information on how accumulator bets work…

I'm just £5.50 short from our £250 a week…

But instead of just showing you how to make that extra £5.50 a week. I'm going to show you how you can make a further £250!

Double Delight Hat Trick Heaven: Bonus £250+

This is by far my favourite promotion. I explain all the details in the video below. You can earn anything from a couple of pounds right up to £500+ from this one offer. Better yet, it's available on two bookies at least once most days! – and it's risk-free!

So, by completing all of this you should easily be able to net yourself £250 a week = £1,000 a month. That's at a very minimum.

Of course, these are all variations. One week you might make £750, although one week you might only make £100.

Overall it should average out at around £12,000 for the year. As always, to learn more specifics about each of the different bookmakers, and to keep up to date with the different offers, terms and conditions etc.

To really get the most out of your time matched betting I'd recommend using Profit Accumulator.

There's also my free community of more than 500 Facebook members who are always helping one and other out and sharing tips.

2 thoughts on “How To Make £1000 A Month Matched Betting”

  1. Hi Cora,

    I really love the blog and am an avid reader, i have recently started matched betting thank to you, i have made a modest £60 profit but hey, money is money!
    anyway my question is you have mentioned how to make £250 but i cant help but notice (or i missed it) that you didnt say how much of a “float” you will need to be able to make the £250 a week. could you let us know? would my float of £150 be enough to start making this kind of money or should i focus on brining that up? (i still have many signup offers to take advantage from)


    1. The more the better up to around £2,000 🙂
      That said, £150 is still better than nothing and will go a long way to getting you started. There’s 2 reasons for a large float;
      1. The amount of time it takes for withdrawals to go back into your account.
      2. Horse Racing, Accas can lock money in your exchange so if you’re trying to do say 6 races on a Saturday across 6 different sites this can eat up your exchange no end. – As you’re new to MB this shouldn’t be too much of a problem just yet.

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