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Answered: How Much Can You Make From Matched Betting

“How much can you make from matched betting” whether it's on social media, in blog comments, or on Youtube that's the question I'm asked the most.

Today, I'm finally going to give you an answer to that question. However, stay with me as the answer might not be as simple and straight forward as you expected.

Why The Amount Made Matched Betting Varies Person To Person

Sadly, the answer is going to vary from person to person. Here are some of the things that will change how much you make matched betting;

Whether you've previously opened gambling accounts – Sign up offers are some of the best offers when it comes to matched betting. These are reserved for new customers.

Therefore, if you've previously opened a number of gambling accounts you won't be able to complete these offers and for those accounts, you'll need to move straight onto the reloads.

How much time you have to start your bankroll with – A matched betting bankroll is required and the majority is used to lay off your bets.

As withdrawing from gambling accounts can take so long a small bankroll can get tied up quickly and prevent you from moving onto other offers.

How much free time you have – The more time you have, the more offers you can complete / learn about and therefore the more money you can make.

Whether you have a cashback account – Alongside sign up bonuses, most major gambling sites are also offering cashback on TopCashback or Quidco (or both!). Getting these set up and using them during the sign-up process can easily earn you an extra £1,000.

Topcashback screenshot

Despite already having a number of gambling accounts (which I opened to earn cashback from Quidco and TopCashback) I still managed to earn £20,000 in tax-free cash in one year.

During this time I used Profit Accumulator to find the best offers. There are other matched betting sites available, however, these are unlikely to save you or make you more money matched betting.

However, I find that a more reasonable amount of money to make matched betting is around £1,000 a month – I've even made a blog post showing you how this can be done with offers.

Tips & Tricks To Earn More Matched Betting

Here are my favourite tips and tricks to help you earn more Matched Betting.

Whether you're stuck in a slump or just starting out these ideas should help motivate you to earn more than any previous month matched betting or set you off on the right foot if you're a matched betting beginner.

Minimise the likelihood of getting gubbed – Avoid non-mainstream sports or weird leagues, instead stick to a ‘gambling profile' and look like a regular gambler.

Complete all the signup offers – Entering your details into a new website 100+ times can easily get mundane, don't get me wrong. However, try and complete all the sign up offers regardless.

Sign up offers are almost always guaranteed cash, and doing so allows you to then do the reload offers from that company as and when they are available. The more offers you have available the more money you'll be able to make.

Get cashback where applicable – Get a Quidco and TopCashback account and be sure to check for cashback alongside the sign up offers to earn around an extra £1,000 overall.

Learn the additional skills; dutching, accas etc – It can be easy to stick to the main reload offers, however by not learning and subsequently not completing more advanced reload offers you're leaving money on the table.

So, set a challenge to learn a new additional skill such as; dutching, second places, accas etc. every six months or so…

Check your emails – Specific users get emails sent to them from the bookmaker for offers that are not available to everyone else.

These exclusive offers are therefore not often covered by matched betting sites however, they might still be worth doing – find the thread in the forum for these email / specific user offers and be sure to check with your fellow matched betters before going ahead.

Avoid gambling – Finally, and probably most importantly. Avoid being sucked in and gambling. Matched betting is a system designed to make you money, and gambling is not. Know the difference, and know when to stop if you're crossing the line.

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