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How To Make Money With Free Bets

Have you ever wondered if there's a way to take advantage, and make money with free bets that are consistently advertised on TV, web-based adverts and in emails?

Well, there is… and today I'll show you exactly how to make money with free bets. With hundreds of ready available bookmakers, and new ones popping up all the time, you'll quickly see why this is a highly lucrative side-gig.

How Do You Get Free Bets

Free bets are commonly given to those who are new to a particular bookmaker. Bookmakers use this as an incentive to get you to join, become familiar with the services, spend a specific amount – and hopefully, keep on spending.

With pretty much every single bookmaker on the market giving away free bets to new customers it can get confusing. However, stay with me as below I'll show you a website that provides you with the EXACT bookmaker, the amount you need to spend, how the free bet is triggered and free bet amount you get in return.

How Can You Make Money From The Free Bets

Once you've managed to ‘trigger' a free bet you can place it on a particular outcome and bet against this outcome using an exchange.

By betting for and against something with free money, you'll get the money back regardless of the outcome. This is commonly known as matched betting.

How Many Times Can You Make Money With Free Bets

You can make money with free bets as many times as you like in this manner. Bookmakers create different ‘free bet' and other promotional offers to encourage you to come back and keep betting.

You can fulfil the ‘trigger' obligations of these promotional offers to get the ‘free money' as many times as you like – provided it's within the terms and conditions.

However, bookmakers don't like matched betting and therefore aim to limit the number of users gaining free bets in this way. They do this by ‘gubbing' you.

How Much Money Can You Make With Free Bets?

Of course, with many promotional offers and many bookmakers, you can make a lot of money from the free bets and promotional offers that bookmakers are offering you.

I made £11,000 in just over eight months, and in the year 2016 I went on to make £20,000

How To Find A List Of Free Bets?

I mentioned earlier in the post that there are a lot of bookmakers. All with different requirements for you to ‘trigger' these free bets.

This can quickly get confusing, which is why I recommend using Profit Accumulator to explain the free bets to you (along with new up to date free bets as they happen) as well as, explain the process of Matched Betting.

That's how I make money with free bets. It's completely risk-free and has made me more than £20,000 in tax-free cash.

If you have any questions about matched betting, profit accumulator or how to make money with free bets then feel free to leave me a comment below!

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