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What Is The Boots Recycling Scheme?

We've all heard of Boots. You have likely shopped there, even if it's just picking up a meal deal. The high street staple for many-a-year. Sells all the cosmetics and health products that you need. The rush for the annual Soap & Glory box set on offer just before Christmas. Boots is great for so many reasons but did you know they also have a recycling scheme? Let's have a look at exactly what it is and what the Boots recycling scheme can offer you.

Boots Recycling Scheme

The high street retailer say that everyone is a winner with the Boots recycling scheme. The company state on their website that:

Together with No7, we’re doing our bit to help keep our planet beautiful. That’s why we’re trialling a recycling scheme where you can bring your empty beauty, health, wellness and dental products, from any brand, that can’t be recycled at home.

You might think that you are the perfect recycling hero at home. However, there are some things that simply won't go in your blue bin to be collected once a fortnight. This is where the Boots recycling scheme steps up and helps to give a second life to those beauty, wellness, healthcare or dental products which won't go in your household recycling. It doesn't have to be originally from Boots either. You can take non-Boots branded products and items which were brought from other shops to be recycled. The company have a list online which they keep up to date with things that they can and can’t currently recycle.

What's The Process?

The recycling process is actually fairly simple. You first need to register on the Boots website which will save some time later on when you've finished your products. Once you've finished those items, from the beauty and healthcare range (remember to check that list of what's accepted!) simply keep the packaging. It's worth putting them somewhere until you get a minimum of five empties, especially if you don't have a nearby Boots. When you've got five, double check for your nearest participating store and then head there. Find the deposit box in the shop, ask a member of staff if you're struggling to find it and then take a photograph of your products and scan the box. 

What Happens To The Empty Products?

The empty products will then be recycled. The Boots website says this about what happens to the empty products you drop off at participating stores.

Once you’ve dropped your empties into the bins in store, they’ll be taken to ReWorked where the materials will be washed and sorted, ready for recycling into new usable products as far as possible.

Any remaining multi-material items will be recycled into Stormboard, a composite construction board material, similar to ply-wood, which has a lot of different uses.

Organics will be processed through an industrial organics processor. Nothing goes to landfill and nothing is incinerated.

As you can see, the process is well thought out and everything gets used for something else. Knowing that you can recycle your used products which you can't put in household recycling is fantastic. Even more so if they would usually end up in the trash. It's helping to stop as much brand new packaging being made and helping to look after our planet. Giving items a new lease of life is wonderful. 

What Do I Get For Taking Part?

As much as getting that warm fluffy feeling for recycling stuff is awesome, with the Boots recycling scheme you get so much more. For every five empties you drop off at participating stores you'll get 500 Boots Advantage Card points which are worth £5! That can go towards something else which you'll eventually bring back for recycling. Round and round goes the circle and you keep getting rewarded as you help take care of the planet. After you’ve used the scheme, you’ll be able to log into your account to see how much you’ve deposited and how many empties have been recycled collectively. How good does that feel?

No Nearby Store Taking Part?

Unfortunately not all stores are taking part. This is for different reasons including store size and the collection of recycling to one centralised point. This doesn't mean that you still can't recycle though. At over 280 stores you'll find a Maybelline Makeup recycling point. This helps you continue to recycle items which you perhaps can't elsewhere, but you'll not receive any rewards in terms of Boots Advantage Card points. You'll still be able to feel good knowing you're helping keep waste out of landfill and are looking after the planet. 

Shop Sustainably

Has all this talk of recycling made you think about your shopping habits? You can continue to shop with Boots with a planet-aware conscious. Did you know that the high street retailer has a sustainable living range? From eco friendly bathroom essentials and beauty products to reusable water bottles and travel mugs. These nature friendly and natural items will help you to say goodbye to single use plastics. Going that little bit greener. You can even shop for your bamboo toothbrush online! The sustainable beauty movement is big news right now. You can be a part of it by simply looking at the products that you buy. There are now eco alternatives available which are still awesome to use.

We're using more of the planet every year than what the planet produces. Now is the pivotal time to make a difference. If we all step up and make little changes, these add up to a huge change throughout the household, town, county and country. With companies and high street retailers stepping up and putting ideas such as the Boots recycling scheme into action, it allows us all to access these changes even easier. You'll also get something for your trouble. If you get 500 Boots Advantage Card points for every five items you recycle, if they cost £5 each, for every £25 you spend you get £5 back to spend in store That sounds like a great deal to us! Get rewarded as you recycle and look after the planet!

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