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How To Sell Old DVDs

Do you have shelves full of films? Boxes of DVDs stored in the loft? Box sets piled high that are simply gathering dust? Do you really need these DVDs? Streaming services offer so much choice without any hassle. If you have Netflix or Disney+ do you really need all those DVDs anymore? What can you do with them though? Will anyone actually buy them or are they worthless? Let's have a look at how to sell old DVDs.

Check The Value Of Your DVDs

One of the first things to do is to check the value of your DVDs. You don't want to be selling something that is worth a lot of money for 99p on eBay. These could be special editions, limited editions, steel books or other rare items which are worth more due to the lack of supply. Some box sets come with special features, extra discs and if you've never opened the items, they'll be worth even more! You can do a simple online search to try and find the value of your items and you'll also find some lists that people have put together of rare DVDs.

You can also use the Amazon or eBay app to scan the barcode of the item to see what it's currently being sold for online. This can give you a ballpark figure for the value of your product. It's well worth taking a few minutes to double check as you don't want to let something go for cheap when it's worth a small fortune.

Let People Bid

One of the popular and go to ways of how to sell old DVDs is to let people bid for them on eBay. It's a great way to get lots of people interested in your item. If it's a popular item you might be able to simply set the price at a low starting bid and then have many users bid. The wide audience is already there with many users checking eBay daily for items they may want. You need to make sure that the postage cost you put on the listing is enough to cover the postage.

So many people underestimate the cost of posting and then that cuts into their profits. Take advantage of free listings which eBay offer, usually 100 per month. You also need to keep an eye out for £1 fee weekends where you'll only pay a maximum of £1 for every item sold. This is better than the 10% fee that eBay usually take. If your item sells for over £10, you'll only pay £1. Much better than the £4 you'd be charged if an item sold for £40. 

Get A Fixed Price

If you simply want to get rid of your old films and are happy to take a fixed price for them, there are a few ways to see just how much you can make. Download the Music Magpie app and scan your barcodes which will give you fixed prices for your products.

It's so simple to just sit and scan through your items. You'll be surprised at how quickly the amount you'll get paid adds up. Some might only be worth 10p but others might be worth a few pounds. This is a great way of how to sell old DVDs because you know exactly how much you'll be paid. Music Magpie will also collect your items from you, you just need to box them up and click through to arrange the free courier. They'll also take books, CDs, games and tech should you have anything else to include in the box. 

If you live near a city which has a CEX shop, you might be better taking the items straight to the shop. They'll test the items in the shop before again, giving you a fixed price for your items. If you're selling in order to buy a new game or something that they might have for sale their shop, you'll get offered more in store credit than in cash. It's a great way to get a fixed price for the items you no longer want though. There are other places which will give you that fixed price if you want it, including Ziffit, GameXchange and WeBuyBooks, who actually buy more than just books!

Sell Locally For Free

How about selling from home for free? If you don't want to be faffed with having to go to a shop or the post office to drop off your parcels, this is for you. List your items on Facebook Marketplace and buyers in your local area will collect and pay you cash. Taking advantage of Facebook Marketplace gives you a local audience. An audience who are readily looking to purchase things. This means they can collect. A great idea for how to sell old DVDs on Facebook Marketplace is to create bundles for a set price. 10 action and adventure films for £10. Series 1 – 5 of box set for £25. Or maybe 20 Disney films bundled together. This should appeal more to people than buying individual items. Whilst getting you a decent amount of cash per sale rather than just a few pence.

Not Selling? Help A Charity!

If you've listed your DVDs a few times on eBay or put them on Facebook Marketplace without any enquiries, if you simply want to free up some of your space, why not help a charity out? Charity shops across the nation have shelves full of DVDs that sell for maybe 50p or a pound each. Some charities such as Oxfam even let you tag your bag so they can claim the gift aid on your donations. You'll be doing good and raising money for charity.  As well as also products on the shelves for people who still buy DVDs. There are people who use them like an old film hire shop such as Blockbuster. They go to the charity shop, get a film for £1, watch it, then donate it back. 

So, we've answered the question of how to sell old DVDs. The next step for you is to get them sold. Find the stacks of movies and television series you no longer need in your home and get them listed or scanned. Be sure to remember to check the price of any that could be rare and valuable. 

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