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Creating an eco-friendly business

If you’re looking to make changes to your business to make it more eco friendly, there are a number of ways to start these positive changes. Whether you run an office or own a store or restaurant, making eco-friendly changes is easier than ever. So how do you get started with these changes? Keep reading to find out. 

Unplug electrical devices

A lot of us forget to do this regularly, but turning off electrical devices can provide huge savings in cost but also helps with amount of energy being consumed. Looking into regularly providing staff with information on this can help to encourage the company as a whole.    

Work with sustainable companies

If you’re a company who sends out items as part of your business model, why not look to partner with only sustainable companies? From plastic free packaging such as cardboard envelopes and boxes to uniforms. By working with sustainable companies you’re putting out a good message and also doing your part for the planet.  

Ban the plastic

Using plastic packaging or plastic, in general, is a no-no when it comes to an eco-friendly business model. In most cases plastic alternatives can be used, for example removing plastic cups from the drinks machine, sending out orders in plastic free packaging and encouraging the use of reusable cups and mugs.  

Provide the correct bins

If you provide the correct bins to allow products to be recycled correctly, this then allows you the additional help when it comes to sorting through the rubbish. You can then provide recycling, ready for collection. If the options are available, this allows your staff to get involved with this. 

Use less paper

Working in an office environment, paper can sometimes be unavoidable, however, when it comes to printing out emails or other documents that can be viewed online, using the paper should be avoided. Even contracts in 2020 can be signed online, along with it being easier and more convenient for those involved. 

Offer free fruit

If you’re looking to stop your employees using the vending machine for snacks which is full of plastic, why not provide free fruit around the office. If it encourages those who would normally buy a snack from the machine to eat healthier and use less packaging. 

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