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Affordable Centre Parcs Alternatives

Have you been looking at potential holiday locations right here in the United Kingdom for a staycation towards the end of this year or maybe next year, Centre Parcs might have popped up in our online search. Have you seen the prices of it? It can be very expensive to go to Centre Parcs and even if you've clicked through to the cheaper Centre Parcs Europe, you might not be able to go there for a while. So let's take a look at some different options, some affordable Centre Parcs alternatives. 

Centre Parcs Is Expensive

To begin with, it's worth looking at exactly how much Centre Parcs is. Just like most holiday lets and rentals, the price varies throughout the year, in summer and school holidays. I went on the website and looked for availability on a random date in November. For a 3 bedroom New Style Executive Lodge at the Sherwood Forest location the quote was £2128. Over two grand for a week in the UK. It might include a private sauna in the extensive list of features, but that is still a lot of money. It doesn't even include the price of meals or activities.

Another random date, this time in March 2021, brings a range of prices. A 1 bedroom New Style Executive Studio Room is £528. Even though that's considerably cheaper than the £2k+ from our first example, it's only for two people. For family accommodation with two bedrooms, you're looking at over £750. Looking at these prices, let's find some Centre Parcs alternatives where you get more for your money!

Bluestone Wales

Let's begin with BlueStone Wales. The South West Wales situated resort has great reviews. It's a bit of a drive for a lot of people, especially when you consider there are five Centre Parcs resorts dotted around the UK. It has loads of activities if that is your thing, from Kayaking and Sky Wires to Axe Throwing and Spoon Carving. One of the great benefits of this location is the lodge to space ratio. There are less lodges on a larger resort, compared to some of the Centre Parcs locations. Giving you more space to explore. Price wise, for a family needing 2 bedrooms can be booked for just over £450 in early 2021. That's a good £300 saving compared to Centre Parcs.

Ribby Hall Village

Head to Ribby Hall Village in Lancashire and for a single storey cottage, with two double bedrooms and spacious lounge and dining area, you're looking at just over £500 for a week. That's for a family of two adults and two children. There are a range of eateries, so of which they recommend you book in advance. Included in your stay are a range of activities including children's adventure play areas, indoor soft play centres, family entertainment and access to swimming pools. You can pay for extras including bike hire, segways, climbing wall and a 9 hole golf course. It's also only 7 miles from the lights of Blackpool with a whole range of beautiful beaches to explore on the Fylde coast. It's rated 5 stars and has over 100 acres of Lancashire countryside to explore as well. You can book your break for a £50 deposit. 

Go Camping

There are loads of resorts where you can pay to do activities and enjoy beautiful lodges. A quick online search will bring these up Centre Parcs alternatives for you. Even the cheaper-than-Centre Parcs options can be out of the price range for some of us. If that's the case, have you considered camping? Head to the award winning The Quiet Site in the Lake District where a pitch for a week costs £230 next March. That's for a family of four. If you fancy leaving the tent at home and using one of their camping pods instead this will cost you £320.

All of the camping without the hassle of putting up a tent. A week in the Lake District might not even be long enough to explore everything it has to offer! If you don't have a tent, check eBay or Facebook Marketplace for a second hand bargain and enjoy affordable Centre Parcs alternatives all year round. You can make family memories throughout the year by organising regular camping trips. This will still likely cost less than a week in a Centre Parcs lodge.


If you simply want to escape the mundane and enjoy a different set of walls in a different part of the country, Airbnb might be for you. As you're renting from the owner, you might get a really good price on the type of property you're looking for. You'll also be able to compare properties and what each one includes, such as WiFi or land to explore. From a quick search on their website I found a cottage in Norfolk for £69 a night in March next year. You can get a similar price in Northumberland. One of the great things about Airbnb is that you can explore different parts of the country and discover amazing properties that you have completely to yourself, no neighbours in similar dwellings a few metres away!

Budget Hotel

How about a city break? Lots of our UK cities have amazing heritage and there is lots to enjoy. From shopping to guided walks. There are loads of free museums which can be your activities and you can get a Premier Inn or similar for about £30 a night. Whilst you'll have to buy your food, you'll have a comfortable bed, big screen TV and hot shower to enjoy. At £30 a night, you can enjoy a full week of accommodation for just over £200. You could even enjoy a couple of cities by switching locations half way through your week. Maybe you're planning a road trip and fancy sleeping in style each night? Budget hotels can be your best friend was exploring new places!

Whilst you might see the adverts for Centre Parcs and hear the school pick up playground talk about what a great time they've had, you need to find a holiday that suits you, your family, your interest and your budget. Hopefully these Centre Parcs alternatives can open your mind and stretch the money in your bank account too. 

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