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How To Send eBay Parcels For Cheap

If you are trying to build a business as a reseller, you need to send items out that customers buy from you online. When selling products on eBay, the cheaper the postage you can offer, the more appealing the item is to potential buyers. If you are able to factor the cost of postage into your product price and then offer free delivery which is seen as a positive by many, you need to get the cheapest price for your postage to ensure maximum profit. Remember, it's all about profit. Every penny in your pocket is a bonus and they all add up! In this blog we're going to look at how to send eBay parcels for cheap.

Royal Mail

Many sellers traditionally go straight to the post office and use Royal Mail for their parcels. For a number of years Royal Mail was the go to place for sending mail throughout the country and over the world. Whilst they offer a great service, backed with many decades of experience, they can be expensive. Very expensive! They have the the infrastructure to make sure your parcel gets from where you drop it off, all the way into the customers hands. However, you do usually pay a premium cost for that.

A small parcel, being sent with 2nd class UK delivery, up to 2kg in weight and 45cm x 35cm x 16cm dimensions, will set you back £4.70 if you buy in the post office. You'll get a slight discount if you buy online, down to £4.58. That discount does add up over time if you're sending a lot of parcels! Sending over twenty parcels a week, which you might well be doing by running an eBay business, will get you access to business shipping rates where you can save further.

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The courier service Hermes offices an affordable way to send eBay parcels. Compared to the prices from Royal Mail above, you can make some decent savings by using Hermes. For parcels up to 2kg in weight you'll pay £3.81, which includes a courier collecting it from you, or £3.38 if you take it to a ParcelShop Drop Off point. That's £1.20 cheaper than Royal Mail's online prices! If you can't get out the house and need the courier to collect, you're still making a decent saving! Hermes don't have a great reputation from their customers though.

15% of their TrustPilot reviews fall into the lowest grade of Bad. Consider the number of parcels they deal with daily. That means 15 out of every 100 parcels has an issue. If those parcels are yours, going missing, being damage, being stolen, that's not great for your eBay business. You need a cheap way to send eBay parcels but you also need a reliable way too. 


Yodel stands for Your Delivery and their reputation precedes them. If you're looking for reliability you might not be a fan of the almost 20% of reviews being Bad. That's one in five parcels have an issue. The prices are good though, especially if you're sending heavy items. Compared to Royal Mail where a 5-10kg parcel would cost up upwards of £16, Yodel only charge £6.49. For eBay sellers, you can easily link your account to Yodel so you can instantly access order information. This makes buying postage that bit easier and quicker for sellers, saving time and saving money!


One of the great things that DPD offer is decent tracking. You can literally track your parcel to the door of the recipient (or your own door if you're the recipient) on the DPD website or app. To compete with cheaper services such as Yodel and Hermes, DPD have started offering a shop to shop service. This is where you drop your parcel of at your local DPD drop shop and the recipient collects from their nearest. This would be just £4.79 for parcels all to way up to 20kg! Extremely cheap shipping for extremely heavy parcels! Dropping numerous parcels off at the same location allows to DPD to offer cheaper prices.

The door to door services are understandably more expensive but if you're happy to drop of at your local shop but still want delivery to the recipients door, you can buy this courier service for just £7.79. It's kind of the best of both worlds, you're doing the leg work to keep the price that bit lower but offering professionalism by getting it straight to the address of the buyer. Pretty good for a professional and reliable service. 

Other Couriers

One of the most well known multinational delivery services is FedEx. They even appeared in the Tom Hanks film Cast Away. There are also other courier services such as UPS, TNT and DHL. They all offer pretty much the same service. Getting your parcels from A to B in a certain amount of time. However, all their prices and types of service differ. Some include insurance, some have insurance available but as an add on price. Next day delivery, before 9am delivery guaranteed, some collect and others need you to drop off. It's always a good idea to compare the prices and service available. 

Do An Online Comparison

An online comparison allows you to look at all the available options for your parcel delivery. You can see how quickly it will get there, the insurance protection included and the important one, the price. Be sure to have a look at the feedback from previous customers. Those reviews might put you off some services where the price looks good. Similarly, feedback and how the company deals with complaints might come into it for you. Making you look at slightly more expensive courier services. You need to be happy with what you pay for when you send eBay parcels, knowing you're covered for the contents of what buyers are expecting. 

Know Your Postage Rates Before You List Your Item

One of the most important things when you're selling items online is to know your postage rates before you list your products. You don't want to be listing items with £1 delivery costs but it actually costs you £4 to ship the item. That eats into your profit and if you're only making £2 profit on a sale, you'd actually be losing money in this example. By knowing your postage rates when you send eBay parcels, you're equipped with the information you need to make your online selling business venture a success.






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