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Find A Cheaper Version Of Nutribullet

Lots of us love a good smoothie in the morning. Loads of fruit blended up, juice to make it a bit smoother, some people even add extra vitamin drops or specialist powder for a boost of protein. Whatever your morning routine, if you love a smoothie, you need a decent kitchen assistant to help you mix up those tasty drinks. Whilst lots of people swear by the Nutribullet, they are pretty expensive. Surely there are some more affordable options out there? Let's have a look for a cheaper version of Nutribullet so we can still create smoothies but saving some cash too.

Hand Blender

Perhaps the most affordable way of blending things up is by purchasing a hand blender. These can be picked up in most supermarkets for as little as £5. Whilst they're cheap, they're not necessarily the best option for making smoothies. Unlike a Nutribullet, which is a sealed unit so there is no real risk of having blended blackberries sprayed all over the ceiling, the hand blender can whiz stuff everywhere. Some of them come with high sided beakers which can be used to blend your ingredients together, risking less mess.

There are also bundles which include extra gadgets like this 4 Piece Hand Blender Set from Wilko. The 500ml chopper bowl is perfect for your smoothie making, the ideal sealed unit with no spillages. If you're looking for a cheaper version of Nutribullet, a hand blender is cheap and cheerful. The perfect option to start your blending journey with, whilst you figure out if you're really going to find the time to make smoothies every morning!

Jug Blender

If you want a decent sized capacity for making smoothies, perhaps if there is you and a partner and maybe some children wanting breakfast drinks, a jug blender is a great option. You can pick up a 1.5 litre jug blender for as little as £20. This allows you to chuck all the ingredients in, attach the lid and blitz up a delicious smoothie recipe from scratch. Having it in a jug also allows you to easily pour it into individual glasses for the whole family. If a £19.99 basic jug blender doesn't do it for you or ‘blend in' with everything else on your kitchen worktops, you can spend more for different colours and brands which basically do the same thing.

Russell Hobbs have a blender with a splash of colour to match your other kitchen gizmos which will set you back £79. KitchenAid have their own version in gorgeous colours including Cast Iron and Candy Apple Red for £279.99. If you're feeling extremely flush, Smeg have a blender for just under £700!! It has free delivery but it's exactly the same size capacity as the £20 one. You're paying for the name and the design. They're all much of a much-ness, so it's up to you how much you want to pay.

Nutri Ninja

If it really is a cheaper version of Nutribullet specifically that you're looking for, there are alternative products on the market. The Nutri Ninja have a couple of options for you. They came out with a slim blender and smoothie make which is very similar to the Nutribullet and looks attractive on your kitchen side. It can blend whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and even ice to make your perfect drink. After mixing up your concoction in the travel cup itself, add the Sip & Seal lid and you can take your drink with you.

They also brought out a more powerful and slightly larger product which might work better if you do a lot of blending. This one still mixes straight into the cup but it has programs to blend you the perfect drink. It's recommended by 97% of customers, is rated 4.8 out of 5 so seems to be a decent alternative. 

Breville Blend Active

Perhaps the ultimate cheaper version of Nutribullet is the Breville Blend Active. For just £19.99 you can a worktop blend which will blend your drink straight into the bottle, which you can then pop a lid on and take it on your commute. The BPA-free bottles fit into the majority of car and bike cup holders so are ideal for everyone. They're also dishwasher-safe, making cleaning super easy. The blades can cope with hard ingredients like nuts and ice and will also whiz through protein powder, making it smooth and residue free!

The £19.99 product comes with two bottles, so ideal for a married couple for example. They also do a family pack which costs £10 more and has a mixture of bottles sizes and colours. Getting fruit and veg into your kids has never been simpler. If you struggle for time in the mornings due to getting ready for work and school, simply place the ingredients for everyone's favourite smoothies into the bottles and leave in the fridge. It'll take a matter of minutes to blend them up and add the on-the-go lids. Happy parents, kids full of nutrients!

Coffee Grinders

The Nutribullet comes with grinding blades to blitz up coffee beans for your morning caffeine fix. If you're simply looking for another gadget to do that for you, you don't need to pay the price of the well known branded gadget. You can get a coffee grinder from Cookworks for under £18. Perfect for freshly grinding some of your favourite coffee beans every morning. It's small enough to pop away so it doesn't clutter up your sides. It will also grind herbs for you too, perfect for an aspiring chef!

As you can see, whatever you use your blender for, you can get a decent option without shelling out too much cash. They will still squash your strawberries, chop your carrots and blitz those blueberries into a delicious drink. With lots of options of mixing directly in the cup and taking it with you, you don't need to spend a lot, as they all do the same thing. With a cheaper version of the Nutribullet you can get the functionality you need at the price you want. Saving money on the gadget allows you to spend a little more on the ingredients, for a fresher, more flavorful drink. 




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