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Useful tips for getting an extra discount on online purchases

Being able to shop online from the comfort of anywhere is the best! With the emergency of e-commerce and online payment platforms, many people have found shopping to be relatively easy, but also way cheaper. Even industries like gaming and insurance maximised their business potential when they started to offer better, more attractive online offers. As for gaming, you’re probably aware that online casino UK providers and their games have risen in popularity in a way you could not imagine 20 years ago. Their bonus offers and potential wins are much different compared to land-based concepts of casino gaming.

Being comfortable buying or ordering your supplies online whenever you like can save you a lot of money as opposed to shopping in person. Things get even better if you have coupons for an extra discount. Here we’ll explore some of the most effective ways to get additional online deals, that are considered as most effective saving hacks.

Explore the best e-stores

The first thing to do is to identify which stores offer the right value for money and don’t joke around with their discounts. Almost every store has an option for online orders, but not all of them are good with their offers. This calls for customers to get familiar with the websites known for offering good deals. As a tip, you should always read customer reviews to identify potential scammers, lousy customer service or other inconveniences.

Always use coupons

Make it a personal policy to never purchase anything online without first finding a coupon code to use. There are so many coupon websites out there; you just need to do a simple Google search and download some apps. Search for your desired store and voila- you have a long list of coupon codes. With only a few minutes of effort, you could save at least 20% off your order. Your small effort can result in significant savings.

Pick the right time

Keep an eye out for sales that dramatically drop on certain days of the week. Many stores roll out special deals on Wednesday or Friday. If you love the excitement and hunt for a good deal, be sure to mark your calendar for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other big shopping global events. These days happen once a year, and sometimes can be overhyped. However, if they’re offering the items you’re looking for, you can walk away with a great deal.

Leave items in your shopping cart

You can also try the hack of leaving your products in your online shopping cart for a few days. This simple move could get you a customised discount. This is because most retailers hate open reservations and are open for negotiation to close the deal. You’ll be surprised to receive a coupon for a better price on the items in your cart or receive a special email with a welcoming note and personalised offer, just for you.

Outsmart the dynamic pricing strategy

Finally, you should master the dynamic pricing trick used by online merchants. The prices of most items are not standard and vary on your location, spending behaviour and product demand. Consider the following tips for getting an unbiased, real price on a product when shopping online:

  • Clear cookies in your browsing history
  • Log out of social media accounts
  • Go in incognito mode
  • Explore VPN opportunities
  • When signing in, choose another country different from the current residency.

With these tips in mind, you’ll surely get the best deals and enjoy impressive savings when shopping online.

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