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How To Reply To Feedback On eBay

Wondering how to reply to feedback on eBay?

When starting out on eBay feedback can feel like a big deal, and that's because it is.

Verifying to others that you're a competent seller is important and feedback is the primary way to demonstrate this to potential buyers.

recent feedback ratings on eBay

After your first 100 feedback or so, things get easier and you tend not to focus on feedback quite as much.

However, there still may be times that you receive negative feedback or neutral feedback that you feel compelled to reply to.

While I have seen others reply to all feedback thanking buyers for shopping with them, it's not something I believe makes a difference and certainly not something I'd be spending my precious time doing.

I can think of many ways I can use that time more efficiently to improve sales and better support my current customers.

How To Reply To Feedback On eBay

To begin navigate to the My Account page on eBay.

You can follow the link above, or click the ‘My eBay' at the top of the page.

From here you'll be redirected to the My eBay Summary page.

Here you'll want to click on the account page.

When the page reloads you'll find a number of different links.

We'll be clicking on the Feedback link located under the Personal Information and Privacy section on the left.

From here you'll find the main feedback area.

This is where you can quickly leave feedback for buyers and sellers of items you've purchased and sold.

However, to reply to feedback you'll want to click on the ‘Go to Feedback Forum' link.

This page provides you with some further information on eBay feedback and allows for navigation to various feedback pages.

On the right hand side under Feedback tools you'll see the link to reply to feedback received link.

Once you click this you'll be redirected to the reply to feedback page.

Here the feedback is in order based on the latest feedback to the oldest feedback.

You can search for feedback via the item number using the search box at the top of the page.

Once you have found the feedback you would like to reply to, click the reply button on the right-hand side.

This will redirect you to the reply page.

Here you have 80 characters to reply to the feedback.

Once you have completed your reply, click the leave reply button.

This will submit the reply.

You can then view your reply on the main feedback page instantly.

You will not be able to revise or remove this feedback without speaking to eBay so be sure you double-check your feedback reply before clicking submit.

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