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How to make money after quitting your job

Many of us daydream about quitting our jobs. You know the one, telling your boss exactly what you think of them and walking out with your box of belongings. Never looking back. However, the reality is quite different to the daydream. The actual quitting of your job, taking a step into the unknown and no longer having that monthly paycheque, can be scary. However, sometimes, misery isn't worth any amount of money. If you want to get out of your current role, let's look at how to make money after quitting your job.

How to make money after quitting your job

Why Do You Want To Quit?

Firstly, why do you want to quit? What is the reason why you want to walk away from this job? When you know the reasons, maybe even write them down, you can see if things can be fixed. Sometimes they can't be fixed, sometimes you don't even want to bother but for many, the idea of fixing things will be better than stepping away. If you can talk to your bosses and see if there can be a solution to what is going on, you can continue to get on with your role, in a happier state of mind.

Talk things through with your partner if you have one. Don't just quit and turn up back at home declaring that you are no longer employed. By writing things down and being honest you open yourself up to things improving. If that isn't going to happen, then you probably need to step away.

Find An Interim Job

One of the best things you can do when you are asking about how to make money after quitting your job, is getting an interim role secured. Even if it is a job at the local coffee shop, this will provide you with a source of income. Sure, you might not want to step out of your current role and become a coffee shop worker full time. However, maybe it's actually the job for you!

Many people are much happier doing a job they can switch off from at the end of the day. One that is perhaps less taxing than what they're used to. One that provides opportunity to talk to people and be in good company. Whilst it might not pay as much, can you put a price on happiness? That potential future employment aside, securing what you are considering an interim job is important as you can be sure there is still some cash coming in to pay your bills. 

How to make money after quitting your job

Cut Back On Your Spending

If you are thinking about quitting your job, you need to look at how you are spending your money. If you're not going to have as much coming in every month, you need to ensure what is going out is going out for a reason. Cut back on those takeaways, think about how you're actually spending money and on what. Start spending with cash rather than beeping your card. You're much likely to look at the choices you are making that way. Maybe give yourself a couple of months to get these ideas into place and even pop some money away into a fund which can help you out once you do decide to quit. 

How To Make Money After Quitting Your Job

So, all that said, if you're still pushing ahead with walking out on your role, how are you going to make cash? Let's look at how to make money after quitting your job.

Use Your Skills As A Freelancer

You obviously have some sort of skill and knowledge being in the role you are quitting. If those skills could be used by other companies, you could set up as a freelancer and provide them direct. Perhaps you could be a work from home graphic designer or visit companies onsite for web design requirements. Whatever your skills are, you could be a massive draw for companies looking for freelancers. 

Set Up An Online Course

Maybe you could create an online course with your skills, so you could sell it to people interested over and over again. Once you've created the course, it could be sold as many times as you wish. This could be a great way to make money in the long term. It could be sold whilst you sleep, waking up to cash in your bank account. Promote your online course on social media and with a decent price point, you could live on the profits for some time. Maybe consider an eBook too?

Become A Tutor

That course could be great however there will also be people who want advice and knowledge directly from you. On a one on one basis, you could tutor people to learn the knowledge you have. Tutors can now work online, so there isn't as much commuting anymore. You could video chat one client and then two minutes after that call, start a video chat with another. Making more money from the time you have.

Try A Completely Different Career

Maybe you don't want to continue the career you had, even on a freelance or self employed basis. In this case, how to make money after quitting your job needs reassessing. If you are looking at a new career, you can switch things up completely. Whilst you do that:

  1. Use that interim job to give yourself time to figure out what you want to do with your work life.
  2. Use your evenings to make money online with surveys.
  3. Think about things you can sell from round the house.
  4. Make sure the money you do have is making the most interest it possibility can be.
  5. Be aware of your spending and make and stick to a budget.

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Many people make money without having a full time job, working for someone else. There are self employment opportunities available, you could use your skills as a freelancer or maybe you could even start your own business. Don't forget you're going to have to pay the bills still so ensure that you plan well ahead and keep an eye on the pennies and pounds.

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