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How to earn 100 a week from home

Lots of us would love to have a bit of extra money in the bank. What is your current financial situation like? How would an extra few quid help? There are actually quite a few ways to earn from extra income sources in your spare time. You know, outside of your working hours and when you are perhaps not doing anything but sitting on the sofa at the end of the day. Whilst we all need rest and relaxation, if you can utilise that time to make some cash, your money worries will disappear. Let’s have a look at how to earn 100 a week from home. But before we start, it’d be good to note that you can also get extra fast cash in addition to these methods by simply getting auto title loans.

If you don’t have a car, try to get a $100 loan. It is a short-term loan that you can get quickly and easily online. You can apply for $100 loans online by filling out an application and providing your basic information, including your name, address, phone number, email address, and employment status. Maybe you’ll need to provide proof of identification, including your Social Security number or driver’s license number. The company will charge you a fee for processing the loan (around $50), so it’s important to make sure you can pay it back before committing to borrowing. But remember to get it only for an emergency, not on a weekly basis.

earn 100 a week from home

Sell Your Things

First on our list of how to earn 100 a week from home ideas is selling your things. Lots of us have many things in our homes that we no longer use. Those things we have been meaning to get rid of. Clothes that no longer fit us or the kids have grown out of. Now is the time to make a pile of things you no longer want or need in your house. Undoubtedly these things have value. You can sell them for free on Facebook Marketplace or perhaps have a garage sale one weekend. High quality clothing and toys will sell for a good price. Selling your things is a great way to make money each week as well as freeing up some space. 

Part Time Work At Home Job

Secondly, can you find a part time work at home job which will fit in with your current commitments? Maybe something you can do for a couple of hours one or two evenings a week? There are companies who will pay you to enter data, or type notes, or create transcripts from audio notes. In the same way, customer service can be done from home by logging into the company system via your own laptop. Also, you could be replying to customer emails or chatting to them over messenger, helping with their problems and queries. There are lots of part time jobs that you can do from home. Moreover, taking one of these on could earn 100 a week from home, or maybe more!

Start Taking Online Surveys

Thirdly, did you know that you can get paid for your opinion? Sign up to online survey sites and you can earn extra money every night, often paid into your bank as soon as you press that withdraw button. Take a look at SwagbucksYougovProlific and 20Cogs to begin with. Who knew that you can get paid for your opinion, sharing knowledge and taking free trials. completing tasks adds money to your bank account. All from the comfort of your sofa, on either your phone or laptop. 

earn 100 a week from home

Market Research

Next on our list of earn 100 a week from home ideas if market research. Similar to online surveys, market research is a great way to get paid for your time. There are lots of companies who will get you to gather in a room with strangers to give your opinion on products or discuss your experience with various areas of the business world. They also do this online too so you can do this from your dining table. This could be in a group setting or one-to-one. In addition, you will get compensated for your time and it could be £40 or £50 an hour. 

Switch Your Bank Account

Did you know that by simply switching your bank account, you can earn money? Banks want you as a new customer and in order to attract you to them, some will offer you £100 or more to switch. this is easier done via Current Account Switch Service. Importantly all your direct debits and standing orders are taken care of and any money to goes to your old account will be transferred over. An extra £100+ is great for simply changing who you bank with. Such a simple way to earn 100 a week from home.

Start A Side Hustle

Do you have skills that people need? Maybe you are great at graphic design or a wizard at setting up websites? People need your skills and will pay you for them. You could earn big money for helping businesses as a freelancer. How about setting up your own little online venture? If you make candles, soap or handmade products, an Etsy shop could be a great outlet for you to find customers and make money from your creativity. You can also use your design talents to turn digital art into physical objects by creating custom pin badges to sell. They are affordable, easy to store, and small. Suitable for any occasion including school clubs, trade shows, corporate events, etc.

What will your side hustle be? Whatever you decide, it could help you earn 100 a week from home.

woman laptop

Browse In A New Way

How do you browse the internet? What is your preferred way to search for things online? A simple change in this could earn you money every day. Qmee will pay you to search. Some people make an extra £20 or £30 a month by making this simple change. It’s a great idea and will certainly help you on your way to that money you are looking for. 

Use Cashback Websites

Next, do you use cashback websites? If you shop online and you’re not using the likes of Quidco then you are missing out on free cash! For every purchase you make via these cashback websites, with the retailers you would normally shop with, you will earn a certain percentage in cashback. All you have to do is click through to the retailer you want, via the cashback site so it tracks your journey. It could be 2% of what you send, or maybe even 50%! Obviously it’s a great way to lessen the amount you spend and could help you earn 100 a week from home.

Maximise Your Savings

If you have savings, where are they? So many savings accounts have next to no interest rate. Whilst there aren’t that many improvements to be had, there are probably better interest rates than what you currently have. Without a doubt, even half a % better will result in you getting a few extra quid. Lock your cash away for a year or two and you can get better rates as well. Make your money work for you and it can be added to the earn 100 a week from home total.

matched betting

Matched Betting

Have you ever considered matched betting? This isn’t gambling. It’s when you use free bets and new customer offers to guarantee a profit. There are some great programs that you can sign up to which will guide you through the process. Furthermore, some people make hundreds of pounds a month doing this. Follow the steps and you can make some decent money.

Sell Your Story

Finally, do you have an interesting story to tell? Newspapers and magazines need stories on their pages. In fact, they have budgets to pay people for stories. Maybe it’s about weight loss, or injustice, or a hot topic which is currently popular. Remember, they need content and if it’s interesting, eye opening or a good news story, you might make a couple of hundreds pounds for it.

In conclusion, as you can see, there are lots of ways to make extra money. You could earn 100 a week from home, maybe even more! What are you top tips for boosting your bank balance every month?

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