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The Best Retro Games to Stream to Monetise Your YouTube Channel

Streaming is getting bigger and bigger every year, spurred partly on by the pandemic, according to The Verge. So long as your PC has enough ram and processing power to run your favourite game, your streaming software of choice as well as a decent internet connection, you should be good to get started streaming to the growing community of viewers who enjoy watching people play video games.

Beyond the enjoyment of entertaining people, there is money to be made through streaming your content. The easiest way is to produce content that can be monetised through YouTube, where people can watch your videos over and over regardless of if you are live or not. Beyond being a fun, engaging, entertaining streamer, you’ll want to pick a game that will help you rack up those views as quick as possible. Games like Fortnite and Genshin Impact might be some of the most popular games to stream, but they are also almost impossible to stand out and gain viewers unless you have a specific talent other streamers are lacking.

If you have the hardware for it, retro gaming can be a great place to make your mark on YouTube. Both Finamenon and KyoryuHunter have found success in this market, but there is plenty of room for more faces in it. Here are couple of games that can help you get started in the retro streaming market.

Street Fighter II

There aren’t many fighting game fans who haven’t played Street Fighter II. Despite being the basis for the so-bad-its-good film, Street Fighter, this game was one of the biggest games of its day and continues to be popular among retro-gamers for its bright, recognisable characters and a depth of skill that was ahead of its time when it was released in the early 90s. It’s mentioned by Foxy Games that no self-respecting video gamer could be seen without a copy of Street Fighter II in the early nineties, so there is a lot of nostalgia around this title that you can tap into as a streamer. While it can be run through emulators, the best way to get the authentic experience would be with the Mini-SNES that Nintendo put out a few years ago. It has this title as well as plenty of other games and its HDMI output makes it easy to use with a capture card.

Final Fantasy


This one is a series of games rather than a specific game, but there is so much nostalgia around this JRPG classic that it is perfect if you are a fan of the genre. The series has over 20 entries across various platforms, so it might not be possible to get the hardware to stream all of them, but most of the mainline series has been rereleased on more modern hardware or even on Steam over the years. Each title is separate so you don’t need to have played all of them to get any sort of over-arching story, making it the perfect series to dip in and out of. I would recommend starting with Final Fantasy VII, which is available through Sony’s Mini-PlayStation console that they released a few years ago, if you can find one.

Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog is the basis for countless other titles that came after it, but it is a classic for a reason. If you have an interest in speed-running games, there are few games that are better to start out with than the original speedster in the gaming industry. There are plenty of walkthroughs and tips that can help you get started practicing, but part of the fun of speed-running is the attempts so don’t be afraid to post your failed attempts onto YouTube. You can get it on the Mini-Mega Drive or through multiple collections that have been put together over the years.

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