How To Set Your Bricklink Store Terms

If you’re looking to start selling Lego on the popular website Bricklink then you’ll be asked to set up a store and set your Bricklink store terms.

Setting store terms is something you’re unlikely to do on any other online e-commerce platform similar to Bricklink so it can be difficult to know what to say. Only made worse from the impact the wrong thing (or nothing at all) can have on your sales.

How To Set Terms

Once you’ve made it onto the Bricklink website it can be rather difficult to navigate (it’s got so much better over the past five years though) so to make this as simple and easy as possible head to, login and then click here. This is the direct URL to your store terms.

Then the page will load and look like this;

What Should I Say?

According to Bricklink, your store terms should do the following;

Describe your order processing timeframe, payment terms and any additional fees such as handling fee. Detailed store terms can significantly decrease confusion, cancelled orders, etc.

However, what does that even mean? How should you format it? What should you disclose? Well, here are some examples of good store terms.


These terms are simple, straight to the point and provide the potential buyer with absolutely everything they need to know.

At a very minimum, I’d advise having this much information formatted in this style. This will make it as simple and straight forward as possible for the potential buyer to find the relevant information they need.


While the content of Constructibles terms and conditions is good and features information for returning buyers.

It could do with some more distinctive formatting when compared to the bullet points and text colours.

Galaxy Arms

Galaxy Arms is unique in the sense that the terms and conditions here are in both English and German.

This store is German-based but has also translated the terms into English to encourage international buyers – Something worth considering depending on your location. Again the formatting with the lines works really well.

As always if you have any questions about your Bricklink store terms, or simply want us to review them leave us a comment and we’ll do our very best to get back to you.

If you have any advice for those setting up Lego stores then again, feel free to leave a comment below.

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