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15 Best Selling Clickbank Products

Looking for the best selling Clickbank products to promote?

Promoting products which are already performing well for other affiliates is a sign that the product is interesting to the potential end buyer.

As a result, the products should be easier for you to convert.

In this article, we've put together some of the top-performing Clickbank products from the Clickbank marketplace to help you find the right product for your audience.

1. Piano For All

Piano For All has an average payout to affiliates of $21 and a return rate of just 5%. With a gravity of more than 100, we can see that a large number of affiliates have successfully promoted this digital product.

2. Forex Trendy

If you're looking to promote investments in stocks and shares then Forex Trendy is a great choice.

Each purchase generates an average affiliate income of $24.

The service is a reoccurring subscription every 3 months and affiliates continue to receive a payout of 75% ($24) as long as their affiliate remains a subscriber of the service.

3. 12 Minute Affiliate

With a gravity of almost 250, this is an incredibly popular affiliate on Clickbank. Each sale generates an average payout of $14 for affiliates.

However, much like Forex Trendy, 12 Minute Affiliate is a subscription service and as a result, affiliates will continue to generate money for as long as the end-user remains a subscriber.

4. Earn Money From Your Photos

With a $1 free trial (of which affiliates earn $0.95) this affiliate programme has a fantastic high conversion rate.

The monthly subscription rate after the free trial increases to $27 of which affiliates receive $22 reoccurring every month for as long as the user remains a subscriber.

5. EZ Battery Reconditioning

This product has a fantastic sales page which creates conversion rates of more than 10% and a return rate of just 2%.

The average commission for affiliates is more than $50.

6. Resurge

This product has the highest number of sales by affiliates of any featured in this list with a gravity of more than 500.

Affiliates earn an average of $100 per sale thanks to a commission of 72%.

7. Diabetes Freedom

With a conversion rate of 5% Diabetes Freedom is a popular and highly successful Clickbank product.

The average commission for affiliates is more than $40 with affiliates achieving more than 50 sales a month given an increase from 75% to 90% commission rate.

8. Teds Woodworking

This landing page is so good, I even debated buying the product (having never done woodwork in my life!).

With an 11% conversion rate and a 70% upsell rate the commission for affiliates is averaging at $53.

The affiliate page for Teds Woodworking is incredibly comprehensive providing you with a number of links and information about the performance of each one to help you further increase conversions.

9. Brain Training For Dogs

Another fantastic affiliate product with a high-quality landing page is Brain Training For Dogs.

This is the most popular affiliate product on Clickbank in the pets niche and provides affiliates with an average commission of $30.

10. RocketLanguages

This particular company offers multiple affiliate programmes for different languages including; French, Spanish and Japanese.

The commission is set at 64% and creates an average of $100 for each affiliate generated.

11. Vert Shock

Endorsed by professionals this digital course is one of the best selling Clickbank products in the sports niche and was our chosen example for our recent article on how to promote Clickbank products on Instagram.

The average commission is $30 with future upsells generating a further average commission of $10.

12. StrikePen

Another fantastic Clickbank product to promote is StrikePen. This product comes with a range of promotional materials and has a thorough landing page with multiple steps.

The initial product sale generates an average of $10. However, the brand has other products which can be promoted and linked to your affiliate from the StrikePen which generate a further $72 per sale, on average.

13. 28 Day Keto

If you're looking to promote a reputable product then 28 Day Keto is one you should definitely consider.

Affiliates get an 87% commission which equates to $23 from the $37 single sale.

14. Reading Head Start

This subscription service is one of the best selling Clickbank products paying out affiliates month after month.

With a $1 trial, the conversion rate is fantastic this moves into a $200 or $300 yearly subscription paying affiliates 70%.

As a result, you're likely to generate between $140 and $210 a year per sale for as long as the user remains.

15. Sqribble

This e-Book creation application offers affiliates 75% commission on a base sale of $37.52 and on a number of up-sales that are done both at the initial purchasing phase and post-purchasing phase.

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