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How to get Netflix for free

You'll have likely heard of Netflix. The streaming service with arguably some of the biggest and best shows on it, available to watch whenever you like. How did it all start, what shows are available and are there any alternatives? What is the cost of the streaming platform though and is there an answer to how to get Netflix for free? Let's take a look.

What Is Netflix?

Netflix started out in the late 1990s and the initial business model was based around DVD rental and sales. As time moved on they began streaming services and eventually ended up producing unique and original content. It's first being House Of Cards in 2013. Other Netflix Originals you may have heard of include The Umbrella Academy, The Crown and Stranger Things. As of earlier this year it was reported that there were over 190 million paid subscriptions worldwide. 

How Much Is A Netflix Subscription?

One of the things that people always want to know is how much a subscription is going to cost them. There are three different Netflix options to choose from here in the UK and they all cost different amounts. The basic package is £5.99 a month. The standard package is £8.99 and for £11.99 you'll get premium Netflix. The £11.99 package includes the best video quality with 4K streaming. You'll also be able to watch Netflix on four screens by having the premium package.

The standard deal gives you two screens of Netflix at the same time and 1080p quality video, which is enough for most people. The basic package gives you 480p video. All three of these Netflix options give you the ability to watch unlimited films and TV programmes on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet. You can also cancel at any time should you need to make cuts to your financial outlay. Have you heard of people getting Netflix for nothing? Are you asking the question of how to get Netflix for free?

How to get Netflix for free

Do Netflix Offer Free Trials?

Netflix used to offer free trials but they knocked that on the head. What they do currently offer though is the second month for free. This means you get two months for the price of one, or only pay 50% of the subscription price for the first two months. Whichever way you look at it you're making a fairly decent saving. Two months of Netflix standard for £8.99 is a pretty good deal. Especially if you just fancy having access to something different over the festive season or there is a particular series you want to binge watch.

When you consider the price of going to the cinema, you could watch a different film in high definition, every night, for 60 days, for only £8.99. This 50% deal might even be better than a free trial as so many people sign up to free trials and then never use them. When you pay for something you're more likely to want to use it, so you'll check out more of the content available on the platform. 

Give Some Content A Go For Free

If that isn't enough for you, stay with us. How to get Netflix for free has a fairly simple answer actually. You can watch some content, for free. Without even having to register. How does that sound? To begin with, you can go to Netflix Watch Free where you can see a selection of content waiting for you to start watching. At the moment the shows available include Stranger Things, Elite, Boss Baby: Back In Business and Netflix film Bird Box. Two other original films The Two Popes and Murder Mystery are on there, as is a nature show called Our Planet. That's plenty of free content for you to start with. You can also head to the Netflix YouTube channel where you can find free episodes for you to enjoy. You'll also be able to watch lots of trailers about upcoming Netflix content. 

Sign Up Or Try Something Else

Has this free content and previews of what you could be watching convinced you to sign up? That's what Netflix wants from you. It's giving you just enough to wet your appetite to get you to sign up. If it's not for you though, there are lots of other streaming platforms available out there. From Amazon Prime Video to Disney Plus. Here in the UK we also have Now TV which gives you a whole range of shows you'll find on Sky, without having to have a Sky TV subscription. You need to find something that offers you want you're looking for at a price you're happy to pay. Some people even just bounce from one streaming service to another taking advantage of each and every free trial available. Being entertained without paying a penny.

Still Want Netflix? Try These Ideas

If it's Netflix you're definitely after though, how about these for a couple of ideas? Some phone companies have teamed up with Netflix to give you access to the content as a free bonus on your phone tarrif. Double check to see if your phone carrier has done that. You could always get a Netflix subscription with your friend or family member so you can split the cost and both enjoy the content. This is perfect on the standard package or above as you can have one of the two screens each. Don't forget, that if you only watch Netflix, you don't need a TV license which will save you some money every year. Buying Netflix gift cards on offer might also save you some money on the amount you pay per month too.

So, how to get Netflix for free. There are ways to watch a selection of Netflix content for free. You can get a decent introductory off right now even without free trials available or alternatively, buddy up with a loved one or friend and split a subscription. Maybe Netflix isn't for you and you'd be better off with Amazon Prime Video or Disney Plus. Keep on top of your subscriptions and know what you're paying for. You don't want to be paying for something every month that you don't use!

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