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7 Passive Incomes UK Ideas For 2021

How would you like to earn money whilst you sleep? Sounds great, right? Well, plenty of people do it, simply by investing their time in some passive incomes UK. There are lots of ways to earn money whilst your not even working. Do the work first, put things into place, then earn money whilst you're off enjoying a day out or whilst you're travelling. Let's have a look at some of the best passive income ideas which could help boost your bank account and maybe even change your life.

Passive Incomes UK

Start Your Own Business

More people than ever are looking for the freedom and ambition of running their own business. There is something amazing about creating something, taking it from a mere idea to ultimate success. Yes there will be obstacles in the way that you have to traverse and problems you need to overcome, but starting your own business is a wonderful way to earn passive incomes UK. Something like a print on demand business can earn you money over and over as things sell more than once. You might put an hour into that initial design and uploading it. After that, it can sell again and again, without you having to do anything. Simply connect with a third party who take a cut and fulfil your orders and you can earn money whilst you're in the shower!

Invest In A Business

If you don't fancy starting your own business, how about investing in one that is already operating? Starting a business comes with a heap of work. You have the accounts to do, the clients to conjure up, even maybe the cleaning of your own toilets. However, when investing in a company that is already going, you might not even need to do any work. The only thing the current owners might be looking for are silent investors. That means you can put your money into a company that you admire and simply enjoy the benefits of your money, making money. Investing in a business that is already operating is a great addition to our list of passive incomes UK.

Passive Income

Stocks & Shares

Next up is stocks and shares. If you have the money to buy stocks and shares you can play the market, buying at low rates and selling should they rise. This isn't an instant way to make money and you are at risk of losing the money you invest in the stock market. However, you don' want to do anything except choose the companies you want to buy into and decide when to sell them. Stocks and shares can go up and down in price throughout the day and you might even be making money whilst you're at the gym, doing chores or enjoying one of your hobbies. 

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a website, blog or newsletter? Maybe it's a social media page or group with a great following? Did you know that you could make use of that asset in order to earn money from affiliate marketing. There are hundreds, thousands of affiliate marketing programmes you can join. There are common ones such as Amazon Associates where you get paid a cut of what customers spend when you go to Amazon via your link. eBay also run something like this, as so many cashback sites via refer a friend schemes.

You'll also be able to find niche ones for education and courses which might be very specific, but the cost per person that sins up via you will likely be much higher. The great thing is, once you've posted the offer or got the links in place on your site or newsletter, you can earn cash whilst you do something else. Even for years down the line, you could be relishing the income from that link you put in an article. Such a good addition to our list of passive incomes UK.

Passive Incomes UK

Rewards & Cashback

When you buy certain products you can earn rewards or cashback. This is a great way for anyone to earn a passive income. You don't need to understand the stock market and there is no fear or risk involved. when you buy something via a cashback site, you can earn money on your purchase. If you have a credit card you can earn rewards deepening on how much you spend. Some debit cards and bank accounts also have their own version of cashback sites, giving you a percentage back if you use your card to spend with a specific retailer. You could earn money, vouchers, air miles or more by taking time to change the way you spend your own cash!

Sell Digital Assets

Have you owned a website or a Facebook group or maybe even a YouTube channel for a while. Just because you no longer want it or simply don't have the time to put to it, doesn't mean you just just leave it there to rot. There is value in the digital assets you can created. If you are great at starting sites and getting people to come and visit them, but aren't that fussed about keeping them, could this become a way of making money for you? Take some time to build something, see it grow and then sell it on. 

Passive Incomes UK

Online Ads

Our list of passive incomes UK continues and rounds up with online adverts. We've mentioned websites and blogs already but if you have one that attracts a lot of visitors, you could earn money via online ads. Working with marketing platforms you can put online adverts on your sites and when visitors come, you earn money. This is fantastic as you're obviously not on the site in order for people to visit. You might get visitors from all around the world whilst you sleep. Meaning that whilst you're napping, you're earning cash! Sounds good to us!

There are lots of ways to earn money via passive incomes UK ideas. Find something that works for you and that you also feel comfortable about doing. Then you can put that bit of effort in before sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labour over and over again. Good luck.

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