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Establishing A Business In Glasgow: Our Top Tips

As the most populous city in Scotland and a heart of culture and industry, Glasgow is a fantastic place for you to set up a business. Whether this will be your headquarters or a new branch in your chain, you will find Glasgow to be a brilliant option. Here are some of the things you should know when establishing a business in this city.


Obviously, one of the first things you should consider is the location of your office. Many Glaswegian businesses are located in the city centre itself, in what is known as the Grid. There are plenty of offices and surrounding amenities that are waiting to welcome new businesses.

Alternatively, you could head just a little bit eastward and find yourself somewhere in Merchant City. This is one of the old commercial districts of Glasgow, and has since become a vibrant area with many different companies making their home here. You could also head in the other direction into the trendy West End. Out here, there are many local and independent businesses – but there is always room for one more!

Of course, these are just three areas of Glasgow where you might choose to put roots down. Take the time to get to know the city and the vibe of each of the different neighbourhoods – it shouldn’t take you too long to find the perfect one for you!


As a city built on business and commercial success, you should have no trouble tracking down some other companies who might be able to help you out with certain tasks around the office. Outsourcing is a great way for you to bring in some expertise for your business without having to hire new staff or muddle your way through on your own.

If you are opening a new branch, speak to some of your existing partnerships. They might have an office in Glasgow too, and this would make a move that bit easier to facilitate as you would already be familiar with the company. As a business owner looking to establish yourself, you’ll probably work hand in hand with an accountant. In this digital and COVID age, you don’t have to necessarily find a company near you. If you are looking for examples of firms who may take on your work anywhere in the UK, you could work with the Azets' Glasgow offices if you are already using the expertise of their London offices for your work down south.


As a city, Glasgow will be a little more expensive than some of the other places in Scotland that you could choose to set up shop in – but it will still be more affordable and will certainly be more reasonable than Edinburgh. The closer that you are to the city centre and major hubs like the train and bus stations, the more expensive you will find the city.

Living costs in Glasgow are also fairly reasonable. For employees who choose to live within the city limits, there is an abundance of amazing neighbourhoods for them to buy or rent in. Glasgow’s distinctive sandstone tenements will no doubt become a happy home for many. Be it by bus, train, or even the Subway system, it is fairly easy to navigate your way around this city by public transport, but it is also small enough that you could walk places if you do not mind the distance. Of course, there are also plenty of commuter towns and villages waiting to welcome new residents who might not want to live in the city centre!

Glasgow is a lively city and it is always waiting to welcome in new businesses. If you are considering opening a new business in Scotland, there is nowhere better to do it than Glasgow! Take a closer look at some of the opportunities available to you in this city now.

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