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Global Travel Insurance Benefits

Do you love to travel? Where in the world would you love to visit? Maybe you have a bucket list where you've detailed all the countries, regions, cities that you want to take a trip to in your lifetime. Perhaps it's tourist attractions, coastlines, landscapes you want to discover? You might even want to ignore all the travel documents and tourist information and simply find your own little corner of the country to relax in. Whatever you love about travel, you don't want to find yourself in a tricky situation. This is where global travel insurance can come into play. When we travel, we want to ensure that we can get help should we need it. There are many benefits of travel insurance, let's have a look at them!

global travel insurance

The Importance Of Travel Insurance

Travel is so wonderful. It can provide amazing memories, it can change your life , it can broaden your mind. There is always that ‘what if' though. What if you get sick and need medical care? How about if you became a victim of theft? What if your bag goes missing and you end up in a foreign country without anything by the clothes on your back? What if the worst was to happen and you died whilst abroad? There are loads of possibilities, these are just a handful of them. Fortunately, with global travel insurance, you are pretty much covered for all eventualities. You need to check what your policy covers before you travel and ensure you get the right cover for you and your needs. 

What Does It Cover?

Travellers are encouraged to get their travel insurance when they book their trip. It doesn't have to be bought at the exact same time from the same company, but one the same day is encouraged. This is in case your trip is cancelled or you cannot travel due to illness. In which case you are covered with your insurance. You might get offered travel insurance with your booking, however this is usually more than you need to pay. You are going to save money by going to a comparison site and looking at different companies who offer different levels of cover. This means you can find a policy to suit you. Remember, you will likely have to declare any existing medical conditions.

There are things that your insurance will cover, including cancellation, medical expenses, theft, getting you home in the case of an emergency. Of course, as much as there are things your policy will cover, there are things it won't. Some travel insurance companies don't cover you if something happens if you've been drinking. Others will only cover certain activities. Meaning if you want to go bungee jumping, for example, you need to check on the list of activities that it is included. 

Where Are You Going?

When you look for a travel insurance policy, if it's a single trip, you'll need to tell the company where you are going. Also the duration of your trip. This, along with your personal details will determine the price of your single trip insurance policy. You might be able to get global travel insurance which could save you money if you travel more than once during the year. Doing some comparisons, a policy for one person going to Spain for a week in the summer can be as low as £8.27. The same person going to Australia will cost closer to £20. As you can see, whilst it might be change the price to much, the destination does change things.

Round The World Travel Trips

If you've been considering a gap year or are simply heading off on a round the world trip, you can get global travel insurance to cover you, wherever you are. This could be backpackers insurance for a person on their gap year, where you can add extra over for gadgets. It might be an annual worldwide travel insurance policy which will cover you on your entire trip abroad, even if you don't want when you'll return. Many of us want to head away and see different parts of the world without thinking about our return date. Annual cover is perfect in this instance. Maybe even cover that will auto renew. Whilst your renewal price will probably be higher than you need to pay, as new customers offers tend to be lower, not having to deal with looking for new insurance whilst you are away enjoying life, can be great. 


COVID-19 Medical Cover?

You might be thinking about the global pandemic and what that does to travel insurance. Covid-19 has changed things up in our freedom to travel and that means you need to rad your insurance policies that little bit more carefully. It is suggested that companies will cover your cancellation due to Covid. You need to check though. Check your Government's current advice about travelling and also the advice from the place you intend to travel. Always check to see if you should travel or not. Don't forget that a Staycation in your own country is great fun, whether you are able to travel abroad or not. 

Is It Worth Getting Travel Insurance?

It is definitely worth getting travel insurance. A simple £10 policy can cover you up to £1m in case of medical emergencies and even death. If you're paying out for a wonderful holiday, spend that extra few pounds and get yourself covered for all eventualities. Or at least as many as possible. It's really not worth not having it. 

Some people have travel insurance included with their bank account. If you do, you need to make sure you check your policy before you travel. It's so easy to just assume you are covered for things without looking.

When you book your trip, also book your travel insurance. You might not think that you need it, but should something happen, you're covered. You might have your heart set on it but if you step out onto the road too soon and get hit by a car, you know you'll get your money back should you not be able to travel. We can be positive and say that it's unlikely something will happen, but it's better to have insurance and never need to use it. The worst thing is needing your global travel insurance, but not having it.

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