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How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank

Looking to learn how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank?

This tutorial will teach you how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank with or without a pre-existing Instagram account.

If you've spent any time on Instagram previously you'll likely realise very quickly that you've seen people you follow to implement this same strategy to promote products and earn money.

In this example, we'll be discussing the process starting from scratch with a brand new Instagram account – although you can follow the exact same process with a pre-existing account.

We simply wanted to make sure we were as thorough as possible when it came to explaining the process and therefore included these beginner steps.

Choose Your Niche

Before opening an Instagram account or setting up Clickbank it's important we decide on a niche.

Successful niches for affiliate marketing are often laser-focused as this is where you get the most engaged audience.

Therefore, instead of simply choosing the sporting niche you can take it one step further and pick a specific sport to focus on.

The same thing goes for clothing. I know a handful of people who are making an incredible amount of money focusing not on fashion, but on trainers/sneakers specifically.

However, not all niches are successful.

Some niches don't do well on Instagram.

Some niches don't have many affiliate products.

Here's a quick example of some first-level successful niches. In most cases I'd suggest looking to laser focus further within these niches for optimum success;

  • Style
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Healthy Living

Example of unsuccessful niches;

  • Nature
  • Humour
  • TV & Film
  • Celebrities
  • News

If you want to learn more this article explains the thought process behind finding the right niche on Instagram.

An this article provides you with a list of the best Clickbank affiliate products to promote.

You need to ensure that your niche matches both. For example, just because baking is successful on Instagram, doesn't mean you should look to promote sporting equipment.

You need to find a successful Instagram niche with popular Clickbank affiliate products that convert well.

Sign Up For Instagram

Next you'll want to sign up for Instagram and pick a username that's closely related to your niche.

For example if you're planning on focusing on the basketball niche you'd want to pick a username that contains the world basketball.

For baking, you'll want to pick a username with words such as; baking, baker, cake etc.

Build Your Instagram Audience

I've been a blogger for five years and STILL not cracked Instagram.

Honestly, it's pretty low on my list of priorities now, especially as personal finance isn't one of the viral niches on the platform.

That said, I have friends in other niches on Instagram who are KILLING IT!

Some caught onto Instagram pretty early and have grown over time.

Some have an audience that's followed them from other platforms such as Youtube over onto Instagram.

An some took a course and figured it out.

If you're looking for a course I recommend this one. It's on the Udemy platform and has incredible reviews.

Of course, you can try and figure it out on your own.

However, I figure the small investment to skip the hours upon hours of watching videos and reading content only to find out the algorithm has changed, and Instagram doesn't work like that anymore is likely to be worth it.

Again, I speak from experience.

Sign Up For Clickbank

Next, you'll want to sign up for Clickbank.

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace.

You don't need a website to sign up, just an email address and a phone number.

Clickbank works by connecting businesses who want their products promoting and influencers who have an audience together.

If you agree to promote a product you'll be given a special link.

You'll use that link when promoting the product so that Clickbank knows if you generated a sale.

If you did, the business will pay Clickbank and Clickbank will pay you.

Choose Products To Promote

Now it's time to choose the specific products on Clickbank you'd like to promote.

Begin by navigating to the Clickbank marketplace.

Here you'll want to select your niche from the left-hand side.

Again, remember we're only going to be promoting products on Instagram that are within our niche. So if your Instagram niche is baking you'll only be promoting baking products.

Once we have selected our niche we'll be redirected to a page with a complete list of all the related products on Clickbank.

This is the Sports niche and here we can see there are 108 total products currently available to be promoted.

We're going to use the filter on the left-hand side, and in my personal case, I'm only looking to promote products in English as that's the language I'm targeting on Instagram.

There are other filters you can play around with. I'd suggest trialling different products with different promotions to find out which your audience responds best to.

Personally, I like to focus on two filters in particular;

Products With A High Gravity – Gravity highlights how many affiliates have sold that product in the last 12 weeks and shows that the demand for the product is there.

I suggest filtering your results to a gravity of 5 or above.

This reduced my 108 initial results down to just 6.

Products With A High Average $ / Sale – I sort by this field as it highlights products which will make you a large commission when sold.

I don't want to be wasting my time promoting products where I only make $1 per sale if I can find products with a high gravity where I can make $25 a sale.

My personal exception to this is subscription models. If you're going to receive a recurring income from the subscription then a lower average dollar per sale amount is ok as it should over time build up to a higher total amount.

As you can see once sorted the six results remaining (as filtered based on language and gravity) generate between $43 and $7 per sale.

In this case, I'd probably rotate promoting all six of the remaining Clickbank products on Instagram.

Only removing products from that list that don't fully align with my audience – for example, the golf product isn't right if I'm only promoting gym fitness etc.

Begin Promoting Clickbank Products

Once you've selected your products you'll want to generate the link.

This link is essential in ensuring that you'll be the one to receive the commission from the sale.

Optionally, you can also add tracking links.

These tracking links are ideal if you're looking to experiment in promoting products in different ways and want to determine which method converts better.

For example for one product you'd create two seperate tracking ID's and use one when promoting the product on Instagram stories and other when you're promoting the product within an Instagram post.

That way you'd be able to see which method (stories or posts) converts for this specific product better.

Then simply begin promoting that product on Instagram to your audience.

Be sure to mix in promoting products with original content to continue growing and engaging your audience.

An don't forget that your promotions will need to meet the terms of service for Instagram to avoid being reported.

If you 100% promote products then people will no doubt begin to unfollow you and your engagement with your audience that you've spent time building will be quickly ruined.

Personally, I'd experiment with different ratios. However, I've found that one product promotion to every eight original posts works well for me.

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  1. Hi Cora, Thanks for this post. It’s a very useful article. Its the first time I am seeing list of niches that have potential for success on Instagram. I have an Instagram account but haven’t gained many followers as I expected.

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