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What To Sell On Etsy To Make Money In 2021

Have you been considering taking the step into starting your own business? Whether you want a small business on the side of your current job or want to give self employment a go in the current climate, Etsy is a great place to sell. The website already has a dedicate customer base who regularly visit the platform and they heavily advertise online as well as on television. The marketplace could be a great place to sign up to in order to sell your wares. But what exactly could you sell on there. Many of us want a business or side hustle but aren't sure what we'd actually be selling in order to make money. Let's have a look at some ideas about what to sell on Etsy!

Think Gifting

One of the thoughts you need to perhaps start with is what people could buy as gifts in order to send directly to recipients. The gifting market is huge. Consider all the occasions throughout the year that we buy for. Mothers Day, Fathers Day, anniversaries, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, not forgetting all the birthdays throughout the year. If 2020 has taught us anything in the world of eCommerce is that we need to be able to send directly to the recipient in order to meet the needs of buyers. The gifting market is huge and getting a tiny slice of that would pay big bucks! It might sway you in deciding what to sell on Etsy. 

what to sell on etsy

Health & Self Care

The world of health and self care is very popular. Consider creating bath bombs or hand creams for a pampering night in. What about some hand crafted soap which will not only keep your hands clean, but smells wonderful and is a cracking gift. Your branding is as important as the products. People will buy into it. Self care is so important and is pushed in lots of industries these days. If you are able to offer a product which allows the buyer some downtime, maybe even in monthly subscription form, you're onto a winner!

Crafting Supplies

Lots of people have been enjoying spending time at home and the world of crafting supplies is huge. You can sell anything from knitting needles to patterns, wood craft to card making supplies. DIY craft kits are awesome as so many people like crafting but in an easy format. You don't necessarily have to be an expert crafter yourself in order to sell items. You could supply people who want to give it a go themselves. Take a look at how to start a craft business here. 


Hand made accessories are the perfect additional to our what to sell on Etsy list. From quirky hats to handmade ties. Could you create pocket squares in funky fabrics? Maybe you could sell colourful shoelaces for those people who love to make a statement with their feet? Unique and luxurious fascinators are a real crowd-pleaser as so many people want them for events like horse racing meets and weddings. Stand yourself out from the crowd, offer some decent prices and customer service and you're onto a winner. 

what to sell on etsy

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

Vintage Clothes

There is a huge market for vintage clothes and this could be something you specialise in on your Etsy shop. Peruse those charity shops and thrift stores. Have a look through house sales, car boots and eBay sites for items that you can make a profit on. From leather jackets to 1960s dresses, if it's proper vintage and you buy it for the right price, there will be customers on Etsy who will purchase and make you a profit. 


Still asking about what to sell on Etsy? Jewellery is a wonderful way to connect with buyers for those special occasions. Not just engagements and weddings either. Consider anniversaries and even special milestone birthdays like turning 18 or 21. Whether you hand make it yourself or buy it in from an external supplier, you can offer lovely jewellery for amazing customers. Be sure that you photograph your rings, ear rings and other items really well. This will help your potential customers to become more than just potential. When buying online you need to be able to showcase the products in the best light. Brand your jewellery business well with a stunning logo and offer personalisation for a decent share of the market. 

Home & Living

How about taking on a niche market of home and living. Potted plants, furniture, art, ornaments, photo frames and loads more. If you are able to find items at a low price and then sell them for a profit this could be a lucrative business. With the home and living market you can start small with just a handful of items and then grow your range as you earn. If the products are top quality and an appealing price, you'll get repeat business as customers do up their homes. 

what to sell on etsy

Wedding Stationery 

Weddings are a huge deal. We've already mentioned them above with fascinators and jewellery. There is so much more to these special days and many products that you could offer to brides and grooms who are in the midst of wedding planning. Wedding stationery is a massive deal. Consider the array of paper goods that come with weddings. If you have graphic design skills you can offer the entire package. If a happy couple order some save the dates from you, they'll likely come back to your for the wedding invitations and even the table plan as you'll be able to design them all in a similar way. Regretting the wedding market is perfect when you're looking at what to sell on Etsy. 

So what are you waiting for? There's a great selection of ideas to look into if you're serious about your Etsy venture. From marketing your products at brides and grooms to trying to self care items and even vintage clobber. There are loads of ways you can set up a side hustle or even become the next big seller on the popular marketplace. 

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