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Top 10 Genuine Work From Home Jobs

Lots of us dream of working from home. Maybe lots of us are dreaming of it more so since a lot of us were forced into operating from our kitchen tables and makeshift office spaces. If you'd like a bit of freedom with your working from home, you might be looking for a job that allows that. Some of these don't pay well though and you sometimes sacrifice your pay for that freedom. There are genuine work from home jobs out there which will pay well and allow you to work when you want or are able to. Let's take a look at ten of the best ones!


You're on a blog right now. There are loads of blogs out there but that doesn't mean you shouldn't start one because of a saturated market. That should even be a reason you do it. Finding a niche in a world full of content creators and opinion sharers. You can turn a blog into money in just a few months. You can even download this fantastic eBook to get you on the right track to making your blog work!

Virtual Assistant

There are many business owners and working professionals out there who need that extra bit of help in their day to day lives. This could be from organising meetings or replying to emails, to planning trips or working on presentations for them. Taking the mundane jobs off their hands to free them up for the things they need to be doing. There isn't enough hours in the week generally, so people will gladly pay a decent amount for you to work from home and organise their working lives. 

Iron Man/Woman

Next on our list of genuine work from home jobs is becoming iron man, or woman! Not the superhero from the movies but a superhero of some sort! With the hustle and bustle of modern life, there are people out there who will pay you to iron their clothes. This is generally going to be a local business venture you're setting up so you can organise people dropping their clothing off to you, or perhaps you collecting it as part of the service. If you love standing behind the ironing board whilst watching some daytime TV, this could be right up your street. You could even start adding other avenues to the business like washing. Charge by the item or come up with a price for a bundle of washing by the weight. You'll be surprised how many people take you up on this!

Graphic Designer

Have an eye for design? Handy with Photoshop or Illustrator? Then there are people who will pay you for your skills. Some might be setting up a new ironing business and need a logo! Others might be in need of regular work for flyers or posters or content to share on social media pages. You could be producing printables one day and working on a corporate letterhead design the next. Working from home as a graphic designer allows you to manage your own schedule, take on the clients you wish and enjoy a variety of work to keep things interesting.

Surveys & Focus Groups

Sign up to some survey sites and focus groups and you could literally be paid for giving your opinion on things. This might be more ideally suited to part time as and when work as you can't be sure when you'll get selected for focus groups but they can pay a pretty penny when you do complete them! 


Do you have a story to tell? Or like telling stories from your local community? How about becoming a freelance writer? You could be writing for your own blog (see above!) one day and then the national press the next! Your writing needs to speak for itself and if you connect with the right people in the industry you can easily start creating stories for newspapers and online websites week in week out. Away from the press you might be able to be a writer in terms of copywriting or even stories and books!

Customer Service

Lots of online websites don't actually have dedicated teams of customer service people in an office somewhere. A lot of them hire individuals who work from their home office, providing customer service from their sofas. This could be a great opportunity for you if you're good with people and can handle tricky customers. 

Online Tutor

Do you have a skill at teaching? Maybe you've lived in a foreign country for a number of years or can speak many languages. They say if you speak another language you'll never be out of employment. Why not share your knowledge and teach people how to speak other languages? This can be lucrative and can be done from your laptop at home over video call. Away from teaching languages you could also empower other people with your knowledge on coding or perhaps playing the guitar!

Craft Business

Do you love sitting down and creating things in your spare time? What's stopping you taking this to the next level and turning it into one of our genuine work from home jobs. By listing on places like Etsy and Notonthehightstreet you can tap into an audience which is already heavily marketed to and sell through websites which are well visited day in day out. There will be fees involved but you can simply factor these into the price of your crafty creations. Find out how much it costs to sell on Etsy here.

Data Entry

If you don't mind what you're doing, you just simply want to work from home, the next and final idea on our list of genuine work from home jobs could be for you. Data entry. Doesn't sound very glamorous but there are companies out there who will pay you a fairly good wage to be part of their data entry team. This could be done in your own time and you can organise your work around family life. As long as your hours are done every week they don't tend to mind when you work. Maybe a long Monday when the kids are at school and then a day off on Tuesday for your Pilates class. Organise your own work life with data entry.

As you can see, some of these are slightly more glamorous than others but some pay better than others as well. Depending on how much time you have set aside to take on genuine work from home jobs will change the avenue you're thinking of going down. If you're simply looking to top up your income by using your spare time then surveys might be a great idea for you to earn a few quid.

Whereas if you're looking for something which can support you, your family and pay your bills too, something with more regular hours and perhaps a range of clients would work better for you. How do you earn your money working from home? Would you consider your home based employment full time, part time or just something you do as and when you can? Let us know the best work from home job you've had! Good luck with the job hunt. 

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