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Toilet In A Small Space Ideas

Have you spent a lot of time at home recently? Maybe you've been getting under each other's feet and in one another's way? Are you sick of having to wait outside the toilet whilst one of the other members of the family uses it. Perhaps there's even a queue you have to join, whilst testing how strong your bladder is. If you've had enough, now could be the time to add an extra toilet to your property. Even if you don't have a huge house, let's have a look at some toilet small space ideas.

toilet small space

Why Add A Toilet To Your House?

There are many reasons to start thinking about toilet small space ideas. There are the slightly obvious ones that we have already alluded to. If there are a number of you in the family, you don't want to wait to use to loo. If you have children of a certain age you might be doing the joyous parenting job of potty training. Maybe the only toilet in your house is in the bathroom. That's not ideal if someone is in the bath and you need to relieve yourself!

On top of all the logistical reasons, there's actually a huge benefit for the value of your home. Whether you are planning on a move in the near future of not, it's a great idea to do things to our property that add value. Installing a downstairs toilet in your home could add £5000 to the value of your house. It's probably not going to cost £5k to actually install the toilet, especially with ‘put a toilet anywhere' systems like Saniflo. How do you fancy adding value to your home for the future but enjoying the benefits of an extra toilet right now? Sounds good to us! However, how do you actually go about it?

Under Your Stairs

Now is the case of figuring out where to put your new toilet. Space could be an issue but there are loads of ways and ideas for toilet small spaces. One of the best and possibly most popular is turning the space under your stairs into a downstairs toilet. You could even do this twice should you have a townhouse and only have a toilet on your second floor. Turn the same space on both the ground floor and first floor into toilets. It would also save you running up and down the stairs all day, every day. Imagine doing that when you are potty training! The space under your stairs is likely not doing much. Maybe housing the vacuum cleaner and some shopping bags. Turn it into an actual usable space!

In An Extension

If you're looking at adding an extension to your property, this is the perfect time to add a downstairs loo. It won't cost much extra if you're putting an extension on your house, perhaps an extra living room or extended kitchen. Taking a toilet small space idea and boxing in a little room for a powder room – let's be fancy! If you had the space you could even add a downstairs shower, which could be perfect for when the kids come back from football matches covered in mud. Simply send them round the side of the house, through the kitchen and get them straight in the shower! Ideal for washing the dog off after a walk through the park too!


In The Cloakroom

Do you already have a downstairs cloakroom? If there is space, you could squeeze a downstairs toilet in there between the coats and shelves full of shoes. You might need to add an extractor fan in there if there is no window, however it can become a great space for everyone. From the kids needing a wee before you go out for the day to guests paying a visit before they drive home. Everyone can spend a penny whilst they grab their coat and shoes. 

Master Bedroom En Suite

How do you fancy walking less distance in the middle of the night when you get up to go to the toilet? Is it possible to add an en suite to your existing master bedroom? That way, Mum & Dad have a great personal bathroom space whilst the rest of the family fight over the bathroom. You could take a slither off your bedroom if it's big enough or even turn that walk into wardrobe into an en-suite with fancy new toilet. 

Off The Dining Room Or Kitchen

Is there space anywhere else in the house to squeeze in a toilet small space idea? Maybe a little room off the dining room or you could take a section of the kitchen for a space. You could perhaps even turn a little room into a combined toilet and utility room. That way you not only have a downstairs loo but you can also remove the washing machine from your kitchen and put it out of the way. This would let you create an area all your washing can be done, dried and organised. Then just build up a couple of walls, add a door with a lock and install a toilet. 

Home improvements are a huge part of life at the moment. Growing families, more people working from home, spending less money on travel and holidays. Your extra toilet can be a great help to family life right now, but will also add value to your property which is perfect if you ever decide to move in the future. 

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