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Ten Ways to Make Money From Writing As a Freelance Writer

It is a contract-based occupation that requires a set of skills, education, and experience. An independent person who bids services and makes money on a per-task basis is known as a freelancer. It is a fast and affordable way to start earning.

Freelancer needs to provide quality content, so they usually use different AI-based tools such as a plagiarism checker to enhance their content’s quality and credibility. One of the best tools to use is Jasper.AI, here is serpfocus review for more information. 

Make money by Freelance Jobs

Freelancing offers you many benefits, including flexible work schedules with higher income. There are numerous types of careers you can choose to work. Some of the highest paying freelance jobs to consider as the best career path are:

    1. Serve as tutor

By serving as a tutor, you can earn almost $53,558 in one year. In this job, you have to work with students and teach them different writing skills. You can support them in polishing their academic writing and learning. All the educational freelancers use teaching methods and techniques according to the individual needs of students.

    1. Be a Marketing specialist

A marketing specialist can earn $54,262 per year. As a marketing specialist, you have to help organizations understand what reaches customers successfully by assessing market data. By analyzing all the relevant variables, you need to provide a written report as a record which includes reviews from potential consumers.

    1. Accountant

By working as an accountant, you can earn $54,697 per year. Your duties will include interpreting the records of financial processes, transactions, and relevant documents. This job provides you the opportunity to work with multiple individual clients and organizations.

    1. Editor

The average salary of editors who work as a freelancer is approximately $57,704 per year. Their duties include revision and coordination of written materials and manuscripts before publication. They are required to make all the changes needed in books, magazines, articles, etc. For being a good editor, you can use a plagiarism checker to ensure your content’s uniqueness.

    1. Writer

Writers can earn handsome amounts by serving multiple clients and business organizations. Their work includes:

    • Creating written content for various books,
    • Writing for different websites,
    • Writing in journals.
    • Articles on different topics.

They are also writing product descriptions, advertisements and magazines, and many more. Every writer uses a plagiarism checker to increase the credibility of their work.

    1. Social media specialist

The job duties of a Social media specialists include:

    • They create and publish content for their clients on different social media platforms.
    • They write post descriptions for Facebook and Instagram.
    • They made descriptions of different products.
    • They give reviews about their purchases or sponsored products.
    • Every Social media specialist is responsible for engaging customers.
    • They measure site metrics and keep relevant social pages up-to-date
    1. Copywriter

Experienced copywriters can charge per word as their fee. Their job duties include:

    • They are required to write a copy for advertising and marketing initiatives.
    • They write various ad copies, different taglines, business emails, promotional articles, newsletters, and eBooks.
    • They must have Knowledge of SEO and a solid portfolio to make a positive impression on employers.
    • Copywriters use a plagiarism checker to deliver plagiarism-free content.
    1. PR Manager

The job of a PR manager includes maintaining a public image for an employer or client. He can make money by writing and distributing press releases, working with different outlets, and managing influencers’ or celebrities’ social media. To work as a PR manager of well-known organizations, you need five or more years of experience.

    1. Translator

A translator works for publishers, different advertising firms, and global corporations. They need to provide the data to connect with potential customers. To be a professional translator, you need to be fluent in different languages to translate without any error. For getting a good amount, you must have experience in the field of translation and use a plagiarism checker to provide good quality work.

    1. SEO professional

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also refers to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is an exciting field in the digital world. To work as an SEO professional, you must have a list of technical writing and link-building skills, information about Google algorithms, keyword selection and placement, and many more.

How to be a good freelancer

There are specific tips to be a successful and proficient freelancer:

    • Use an AI-based tool

First of all, you need to practice your skills to gain mastery. For example, if you want to work as a writer, then start writing daily. For this purpose, you can take support from different AI-based tools, such as the plagiarism detector by Duplichecker. Whenever you create something, you can use this plagiarism checker to check plagiarism of your content. It will help you to detect plagiarism from any matched phrases in your piece of writing.

Your content should be error-free, so this plagiarism Scanner also helps you correct grammatical and spelling mistakes.

    • Practice

Keep practicing your skills and abilities to polish them even more. Go through deep research and know your competitors. Take advice from experts and incorporate all the new trends in your writings.

    • Create an account

Create your account and advertise your services. You can make special offers to attract your potential consumers. Post your skills and experience related to your field.

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