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Develop Your Millionaire Mindset

Have you heard of the millionaire mindset? Lots of us have huge dreams of leaving our jobs, working on the road, having a lifestyle which we fund with great business opportunities, investments and entrepreneurship. Maybe we've been inspired by reality shows or Hollywood movies. It could be we aspire to become someone we follow on Instagram or have the success of a YouTuber. Whatever it is, you need to have the right way of thinking otherwise you'll find yourself treading water, not getting anywhere. Let's have a look at how to develop your millionaire mindset.

millionaire mindset

Love What You Do

Firstly, if you do not love what you do, you will stop doing it. Many of us have jobs that we sit in for years, decades at a time. We find ourselves perhaps just spinning our wheels. If we do not enjoy our work and it's just simply a ways and means to pay the bills, you likely wont show any signs of wanting to progress. Work can drag when work is work. That Sunday evening dread we sometimes feel is probably a sign you are not enjoying your job.

When it is something we enjoy, can not wait to get to our office on a Monday morning. It becomes something that excites us, entertains us, makes us tick. Even the most mundane jobs have plus points. Those awesome parts that we enjoy the most in our 9 to 5. It is all about applying a shift to your thinking. Seeing the good in things. Having the mindset that this is a gift. Something that is allowing you to live and perhaps even providing the skill and monetary value for something in the future. Find yourself a role that you love. One that you will cherish and relish. 

Embrace Your Vision

Secondly, what is your vision? Where do you want to be? Lots of us have dreams and ambitions, but that is where they stop. They stay as dreams and ambitions. Those with a millionaire mindset will figure out a route to those goals. Then they will stop at nothing to make those goals a reality. Be it functioning on four hours sleep a night, working long days or making sacrifices. It could be having the drive to continue picking up that phone, chasing those targets and getting to were you want to be. Your vision needs to have rhyme and reason behind it too. Why do you want to achieve the goals you set?

Are there positives of attaining them and even the negatives of failure? What is the mission you are aiming to succeed with? What is the journey you are taking? The legacy you are creating? Many people say they will try something tomorrow, or put it off a week. Maybe you've done this yourself and have said you will do it next year instead. Many of those with a millionaire mindset have the vision, but think in the here and now. Getting things done now will let you put the cogs into place so these cogs actually start spinning together. Much better than having a bunch of cogs not connected up. You need to be 100% on board with your vision. Any cracks in your thinking will soon become craters. 

Always Learn

Lots of us think that we know everything. This could be to do with a certain subject, maybe the area we'd focus on in Mastermind. It could also be about our jobs, the role we are currently in or maybe even a niche area of business. We never know everything. Life is continuous and we are continually learning. It could be a new way to conduct business, how we can network better or even an improved work flow so the work we do is smarter. Learning is how we can figure out new ways, solve problems, focus on development. Adding new skills to your belt will enhance your vision, enable you to do more.

One of those skills you should definitely keep an eye on and dedicate time to is leadership. Great leaders attracts fantastic staff, partners, clients. So often we are the obstacle in our own way. Maybe on a sub-conscious level we restrain our talents in order to self sabotage. You are the only one who can and will, restrict and allow your growth. The more you learn the better you'll be equipped to plan for the future and deal with what is coming. Your business will thrive with a millionaire mindset.


Support & Grow

What does your business idea solve? If you have a fantastic service, you need to be completely clear about how it can help other people. By having a service which solves problems, you spend your time focussing on solutions. This is a positive mindset to have. A positive mindset allows for development. A negative one can restrict and restrain. Challenges crop up throughout life, business included and how we approach those challenges is all part of it.

If you see challenges as a positive thing to overcome, that's awesome. If you see challenges as a chink in the armour or an object in the road, your mindset is off. Provide solutions and support which will help you grow. You'll also attract other people who want to become the solutionist to situations and get the best out of life. At the same time, find someone who can help support you. Someone who can be a soundboard, a mentor, a coach. There are struggles in life but having someone there to listen is critical. 

Be & Become

Finally, there's a scene in the 1993 film Cool Running all about being enough. “A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you're not enough without it, you'll never be enough with it.” So many people think that once they achieve their goals of becoming a millionaire, they'll be made. They'll then have happiness. That is when they will be the millionaire. In actual fact, you need to believe before you get there. If you don't have happiness now, you won't when yo get there either. If you believe, you will attract to you exactly what you need to achieve. You need to be someone that is worthy of success, in order to gain success. The feeling, the mindset of being what you want to be, will get you to where you want to be. You must first be, in order to become. 

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