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Temporary Jobs That Pay Well In 2021

How is your career going? Maybe you are currently trying to figure out the next path to take with your vocation. If you've recently lost your job or are simply struggling to find where you should be in this world of employment, you could be looking at retraining or taking some time out. You'll probably still need something to bring in the cash to pay the bills though. This is where temporary jobs can come into play. Short term jobs to give you the freedom to look for other employment whilst still earning a wage. What could you be getting up to and what roles can you undertake in order to earn some money? Let's have a look at the potential employment options with temporary jobs. 

Dog Walker

Firstly, there are hundreds of people in your local are who have dogs. Even more of them got a four legged friend during the pandemic as there were loads of reports about the lockdown puppy craze and supply being unable to meet demand. With the return of normality on the horizon, there are going to be a lot of people going back to their jobs, unable to look after their new dogs during the day. Dog walkers will be in high demand and you might be able to put a decent price tag on looking after pooches on their daily exercise.

You might need insurance, it's probably better to have it than not, but this can be bought for as little as a few pounds a month. You'll be able to get in far more than your 10,000 steps a day and can perhaps enjoy the company of many dogs throughout. How does being a dog walker sound to you? 

House Sitter

Secondly and in a similar way, as borders are beginning to open up again, people will be travelling more. Business people who travel for weeks at a time often employ someone to house sit their property. You'll get paid for looking after their house, whilst living there. You'll probably have to buy and make your own food, but you can enjoy the warmth, comfort, and perhaps big screen TV entertainment that comes with the house. On top of that, you'll be expected to keep on top of the house work, ensuring it is kept clean and tidy. Whilst also making the house look like there is someone living there, hence deterring burglars and thieves. The amount you can earn depends on the situation. It could be £20 a day, or maybe £10 an hour!

Yard Work

Next on our list of temporary jobs is yard work. Lots of people love having some outside space but simply don't have to time to look after it. It could be weeding, cutting hedges, mowing lawns. Maybe it's power washing driveways. There is loads of little yard work jobs that people in your local community would love doing. It'll get fresh air in your lungs, vitamin D into your system from the sun shine and allow you to do great work for people who need it. 

Handy Person

A handy person can help with different things in a persons home. From building flat pack furniture to taking bags of rubbish to the tip. Unblocking gutters, sweeping leaves, replacing and painting fences. A handy man can help with many different things and if you are a jack of all trades, this could be a great short term job for you to earn some cash. You could be hanging new jobs one minute and re-sanding a driveway the next. 

Bar Tender

Bars and restaurants often hire temporary workers. If you are able to pour pints, serve drinks and collect empties, you could get a job as a bartender. You might be working a range of different shifts, but that flexibility can often fit in with your other commitments. Rum and coke, please!

Delivery Driver

There has been an increase in the number of people ordering food for delivery. Local takeaways might sign up to a platform like JustEat or simply offer their own delivery. With delivery on the menu as well as great food, they need drivers to take the food to customers. Maybe you are busy during the day but can work in evenings. You'll get to know all the short cuts around your town and be safe in the knowledge that you are delivery delicious slices of happiness to friendly families.

Christmas Jobs

There are hundreds of temporary jobs created every year, in the run up to Christmas. You may have seen them advertised online or in shop windows. Card shops usually need extra help because of the extra custom. Royal Mail usually hire more temporary workers due to the pressure the festive season puts on its services. Amazon often hire new drivers to help deliver it's parcels. Temporary jobs at Christmas time might only last up to seven or eight weeks but you can make some great money which could definitely help you out at that time of year.

Working Via A Temp Agency

There are lots of temp agencies who need temporary workers just like you. You might be doing admin in an office one day and covering work in a factory the next. You might be answering phones on a Monday, welcoming people at a reception desk on Wednesday and seeing the working week out by vacuuming the waiting area. You'll jump into whatever role needs covering, when the temp agency gets the call and they call you in. It keeps makes every day different and let's you try your hand and a variety of different roles. 

As you can see, there are lots of ways to make money when you find yourself looking for a new direction. You don't have to jump straight into a new career and you can easily take some time out between jobs should you wish. Maybe you want to save up some money to go travelling. Perhaps you just want to take on a job which will work around childcare. Whatever the reason, this list of temporary jobs, along with plenty of others, could be the perfect way for you to earn money in the interim. Finally, enjoy this break from a full time career and take advantage of the benefits that temporary jobs can give you in this moment. You've got this.

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