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Make Your Own Wall Art Prints

Have you been staring at the same walls for the best part of a year? Are they bare, dull and boring? Maybe you could do with some artwork up there to inspire yourself? Could you do with some different wall art prints on the walls, to replace the stuff you've grown to hate? Did you know that you could probably create some amazing wall art prints yourself? With just that little bit of creativity you could turn your dreary living room walls into gorgeous spaces. Maybe you could add some colour to the wall going upstairs, or in the bedroom? Wherever you want to brighten up with some incredible images and inspirational quotes, make your own wall art prints today!

wall art prints

Could You Fill In These Frames?

Firstly, empty frames are begging to be filled. These frames we've included on this blog post are there to encourage you to fill them. Maybe you have empty frames in your home, hidden away in drawers of cupboards tat you have yet to get around to filling. Once they look great, hang them on the wall. You don't even have to put a nail in the wall these days as you can get sticky strips to hang your frames with. If you fancy filling some empty frames, think about what you'd like to add to your property.

What mood and atmosphere would you like to create? What inspires you? Where can your imagination drift away to with a little bit of colour or a perfectly painted landscape? The wall art prints that you are about to create can be as personal as you like. They can say whatever you fancy and show your personality in different ways. 

Get Creative

The next step to producing your own wall art prints is to get creative. What medium will you use to turn what's in your head into reality? Whatever you want to end up with in your frames and on your walls, needs to start from this point. Figure out how you're going to create your art work and then let you imagination run wild. Use the kills you have or try something completely different. Think outside of the box and produce some completely individual and unique wall art prints for your home.

Graphic Design

Do you have a passion for graphic design? If you know your way around graphic design software you'll be able to easily produce some stunning wall art prints. These could be full of bright and bold colours. You could discover amazing fonts and write funny, inspiring or maybe even some rude quotes to display. Maybe some quotes from films, song lyrics or popular phrases. You can use your graphic design skills to create wall art prints for every room in the house. Something cute for your little girls bedroom, something breath-taking for the bathroom, something mouth-watering for the kitchen. However you need to have fun and explore. Push boundaries and be different!


Do you have some skill behind the camera? Pretty much all of us have a half decent camera that we carry around with us every day. Smart phone cameras are better than ever and can even take on high end branded digital cameras. If you love capturing your adventures when you're out and about, pointing your camera lens at anything that grabs you attention, could you use those photos to fill your frames? Photography brings back so many memories. It helps us to remember incredible times, amazing journeys, phenomenal places. Maybe you could even put an artistic spin on photos of the family. From landscapes to portraits, use photography in your wall art prints.

wall art

Kids Art Work

Empty frames are perfect for letting your children get artistic. Turn their art work into beautiful wall art prints. It could be their version of a car, view or their favourite animal. These are things you will cherish forever. Imagine the faces of your little ones when they see their drawings, paintings and creations in frames on the wall. They'll be so proud and will be thrilled to show guests visiting your house. A great talking point too. Much better than some generic jetty into the lake print from a shop. You could use canvases for the kids too. Maybe even cover their hands and feet in paint and let them go wild! Incredible, quirky and extremely personal wall art prints for your family home.

Turn It Into A Business

Once you've made your own wall art prints, put them in frames and displayed them on the wall, what's next? Could you turn this into a business? Maybe it could become a great side hustle. Especially if you pop some photos on social media and friends, family and stranger start saying they like them. You could work with a third party print on demand business, leaving you free to concentrate on the design part of things. This means you don't have to deal with the fulfilment side of things.

Of course, if you are painting, that might not be possible, for for graphic design and photography it could be an ideal solution. Your designs could sell over ad over again, creating a fantastic passive income for you. How does that sound? Could you create wall art prints for a living? Or at least to add some much wanted extra cash to your bank balance? Sounds like a great idea!

In conclusion, what do you think about designing your own wall art prints? Is it something you'd love to do? Perhaps you just fancy doing it as a family as a one off activity? Maybe you love the idea of creating a wall art prints side hustle? Whatever you end up deciding, creating something new can be extremely therapeutic and at the end of the day, you'll have some stunning art work to place on your walls. Finally, fill those frames and have fun!

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