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How To Use Bricklink – Buying Affordable Single Lego Pieces Online.

Are you looking to learn how to use Bricklink?

Whether you’re looking to recieve your one feedback to open a Bricklink store, or planning on purchasing parts to create a MOC or complete a set.

How you buy Lego on Bricklink will depend on whether you plan to shop at a specific store, or find a particular part.

In this instance, I’ll be showing you both methods, as well as some filtering you can do to refine by the condition of the item, the seller’s location and more.

Buying Lego By Part

If you know the part you would like to purchase you’ll want to head to Bricklink and use the drop-down menu to navigate to the catalogue.

From there you can either type in the part number (if you know it) or the part name (in American).

If you don’t know the name of the part or the part number it becomes a bit more of a guessing and filtering game, but we’ll cover the strategies for finding a part like this a little later.

Once you’ve found the part, you’ll be sent to the part page.

Here you can see a lot of information about the part including the dimensions, weight, when it was released, what sets it’s in etc.

If you scroll down the page you’ll also find four columns.

The one we’re interested in is the one on the far left ‘Lots for Sale’.

This demonstrates that this part is available in a variety of colours.

Here we’re going to select the colour we want to purchase so we can see the stores selling the part.

The numbers in brackets next to the part here highlight the number of sellers currently selling this part.

So, for example, this brick in Light Yellow is only sold by one seller, hence the (1).

In this case, I’ve decided I’d like to buy the part in Light Bluish Grey, so I clicked on the name of the colour and was redirected to the page that lists all the sellers currently selling this part, in this specific colour.

The parts are automatically sorted from lowest price to highest price, and as I’m in the UK (as set on my profile during the signup process) the currency is in GBP.

There’s also the seller’s local currency under my currency in brackets. As you can see all the sellers are currently in the USA so the dollar amount is in brackets underneath.

The small area above the listings allows you to filter the sellers selling the item based on a number of factors.

Click the more options tab for more filtering options.

Personally, I’d like the seller to be in the UK like me, and I’d like the condition of the brick to be new.

So, I’ve selected that in the filtering.

Once I click the search button the list is repopulated, and again sorted from the lowest price to highest price.

While I’d generally advise purchasing from the store the first in the list now, the cheapest.

There are two things to ensure.

That the store has the quantity you require.

That the store has no minimum buy – or that the minimum buy set is smaller than what you anticipate your order to cost.

You can see the minimum buy for each store under the store location.

If you’re only planning on purchasing one part, for example, one brick at £0.03 then you’re not going to break a minimum buy of £2.00.

Once you’re happy with the store you’ve chosen click the view button.

From here you’ll be taken to the page within the store that has that specific part.

Here I can see that there’s one of these specific parts in stock. I type in the quantity I want to purchase, in this case, one and click add items to cart.

Adding the item to my cart doesn’t redirect me, however, it does refresh the page.

Here we can see that there’s one item in my basket (top right corner) and that I’ve got one of these specific items in my cart (checkbox next to the quantity)

Now, I need to decide if I’m going to continue shopping in this store, adding more items to my basket or checkout.

In this case, I’m going to checkout.

I’ll discuss buying additional products from the same store later in this post.

To do this I hover over the basket and click the checkout button.

Here we’re redirected to a page in which we can see our basket.

This is a great place to quickly add, remove and change the number of items purchased in the store.

I’m more than happy with what I’m buying so I can proceed to checkout.

Again, I’m redirected to a page in which I approve and select multiple factors associated with my purchase such as the store terms, shipping format and payment style.

I suggest using the pay on-site method of payment which is available via PayPal only.

This saves you having to manually make the payment.

Once the payment has been made your order will have been submitted and sent to the store owner who will begin packing and processing the order for shipping.

Buying Lego From A Specific Bricklink Store

After shopping on Bricklink for some time you may find that you enjoy the shopping experience at one store more than some of the others.

There’s a number of reasons for this including;

  • Fast processing and shipping
  • Generally affordable parts
  • Great range of bricks
  • Quality of the bricks sent – especially if they are used
  • Way the Lego is packaged

To shop from a specific store on Bricklink you can either favourite the store or search for the store manually every time.

Favouriting the store means you won’t have to remember the name of the store.

To do so simply, go to the store you would like to favourite and select the favourite store next to your profile image.

Click the bookmark this store button.

From here you can add information about the store for your reference at a later date.

To view your favourite store’s list on Bricklink simply hover over your profile until the pop up appears.

From there you can select the favourite stores button.

Here you’ll find a list of your favourite stores along with notes.

Click the store name to navigate back to the store.

When looking for specific parts in the store, you can use either the search box on the right-hand side.

Which works in the same way as the catalogue listed above, either by part number or item name.

Alternatively, you can browse the store using the catalogue and filters.

The names of the items, for example, Collectable Minifigures once again has brackets next to it highlighting how many lots are in that specific category – In this case, 17.

If there’s a further refinement you’ll see that underneath.

For example, under Collectable Minifigures, there’s the breakdown from each of the different sets available as well as the number available in the brackets.

Click on any of the blue links to be redirected to the page showing you more information about the products within that category.

For example, this is inside the Holidays and Celebrations category in which there are two lots.

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